Thursday 2 February 2017


Horoscope time again... and Skye Tanberry has been consulting the stars to see what the coming weeks have in store for you!

Aquarius: 21 Jan - 19 Feb
A new chapter is starting for you - whether you choose to step things up or whether life forces the changes on you, things are looking exciting. Remember, it's always a good time to follow your passions, but now more than ever!

Pisces: 20 Feb - 20 Mar
If things have been a little dull recently, change is coming - it's time to step outside your comfort zone! An unexpected offer is coming your way too... don't let uncertainty stand in your way, this is an opportunity to grasp with both hands!

Aries: 21 Mar - 20 Apr
You've waited long enough for good fortune to find you... it's time to take matters into your own hands. Believe in yourself and your abilities, focus on that dream and work your socks off to make it happen. Success has never been closer.

Taurus: 21 Apr - 20 May
Sometimes, putting all your efforts into school and study leaves little time for your true talents and passions. It's time to make room for the things you REALLY love - you'll reap rewards, and others will respect your decision.

Gemini: 21 May - 20 Jun
You may have been feeling stuck for quite a while, but new beginnings and fresh starts are coming and the time is right to put those self-improvement plans into action. Small steps for now, but have no doubt, this is the start of something big!

Cancer: 21 Jun - 22 Jul
Money's been tight for a while now, but suddenly that doesn't seem to matter - you're flooded with ideas and inspirations for a new project or adventure. Whatever you are planning, it's sure to open up new horizons for you!

Leo: 23 Jul - 22 Aug
Something is coming to an end, but don't be sad - you've done your best and it's time to call it a day. Letting go won't be half as difficult as you've imagined, and new paths will open up for you the moment you find the courage to move forward.

Virgo: 23-Aug - 22 Sept
A project you've been working on for months looks set to come together this month, but keep your feet on the ground - stay calm and keep your logical head on alert. A friend may not be as supportive as you'd hoped...

Libra: 23 Sept - 23 Oct
Romance is in the air... just in time for Valentine's Day! The interest may not be coming from the person you'd hoped, but don't dismiss it - this person is well worth taking a risk on. Opportunity is all around you this month!

Scorpio: 24 Oct - 22 Nov
Let go of any control freak tendencies and allow the universe to unfold in its own way for a while... it's all about trust! You'll find that even if one door closes, another will open, so stay calm and hold your head up high.

Sagittarius: 23 Nov - 22 Dec
An exciting month for you - you're driven by new ideas and passions and change may well be on the cards, even if it takes a while to come about. The hard work you put in now will bear fruit later in the year, never doubt it.

Capricorn: 23 Dec - 20 Jan
A somewhat tricky start to the year is now firmly behind you, and it's full steam ahead. Set your sights high, because hard work and sheer good luck will join forces to smooth the path for you - new and exciting possibilities are yours for the taking.

Cathy says:
Ooh... my stars are looking good at last! Do YOUR predictions sound likely?  COMMENT BELOW to have your say!



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