Wednesday 22 February 2017


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER and reader Jessica has some questions for Skye Tanberry...

Jessica says:
I love history, and sometimes I wish I could travel back to the days of finger-wave curls, embroidered shawls and velvet dresses; I would give anything for a time machine.I find it hard to fit in with reality and often find myself daydreaming. I try to insert a little vintage style into my look, raiding charity shops and jumble sales, but the best vintage pieces are extortionate. I'd love to be a modern day history chick - do you have any advice on how I can upcycle a vintage look, hobbies, music, school uniform... life? And which vintage shops are good to try in Glasgow?

Skye says:
You sound sooooo like me! It takes a while to get into your stride with vintage style - I have worn a few odd combos in the past before working out what pieces go together, don't worry! Charity shops are good - have you tried the Oxfam Vintage shop in Glasgow's Merchant City? I don't know Glasgow too well, but Cherry tells me that Mr Ben in King's Court, King's St, is well worth a visit and that the Great Western Road is full of treasures. A quick google came up with this helpful link - I'm almost tempted to nip up north and go vintage hunting with you! Don't be afraid to mix vintage with modern and to adapt charity shop pieces to suit... if you're handy with a needle and thread, there's almost nothing you cannot do. The main thing is to let your style evolve naturally - I love 1920s and 1930s styles, but I have a friend who rocks a garish 1970s look, and that's totally right for her! Hobbies... go with your interests, and the same for music - I love 20s jazz, but also listen to modern stuff! Explore different sounds until you find an era that suits you, whether it's the upbeat 60s or the emotional, jazzy wartime swing sound. You asked about customising school uniform - there are some great hacks for giving everyday stuff a vintage twist in the book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS... a must have if you are creative and love the vintage look! Good luck!

Cathy says:
I can vouch for those Glasgow vintage shops - they are some of the best in the country! Skye's advice is good - and it definitely sounds as if Jessica is on the right track. Have YOU ever tried a vintage look? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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