Saturday 11 March 2017


Reader Ellie is animal mad, just like our very own Coco Tanberry - read on as she tells us all about her fascinating life!

Ellie says:
Which CHOCOLATE BOX GIRL do I have the most in common with? Well, it has to be Coco, of course! She has a massive passion for animals, horses especially, and will do what she believes is right. She also has an independent attitude and great taste in music! Ahem! Like Coco, we have ponies... lots of them! My mum and dad broke up when I was young, and my dad found his other half again in Esther, a German woman who looks as if she should be modelling for Vogue! Esther totally throws the stereotype of a stepmother in the bin, as she is so kind and funny. But... first things first, let's get back to where the horses fit in!

When we first heard that dad was going to live in Germany, at Ehrenburg Castle, which our step grandparents run, we were very excited to hear there were horses. What we didn't know was how many horses! They are all beautiful and we have a few newbies too, like Funky Frog the foal. I love them, as there is always something to do like take them out, or groom them, or exercise them.

My step grandmother runs a trekking business where horse enthusiasts bring their own horses tp ride out across the countryside. Unfortunately, I have missed a few of the trekking years as I have been with my mum in England, but we have visited and helped to look after the horses. We look them over and give them a good wash and brush down before turning them out in the paddock at the top of the hill. It keeps us very busy!

There are so many good memories and fun that it totally outweighs the negatives, which are very few. The only real downside I can think of is seeing a horse develop some kind of illness or infection, such as mud fever... but so far this year we are going strong with no incidents of illness. Phew! I actually think horses are amazing - their temperament can be so very like us humans, as can their behaviour, that's quite an amazing and slightly scary thought! From this fact right down to little details such as the distinctive smell of a horse and the feel of their flanks, I love it all. Like Coco from the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, I have other interests too... in fact, my long term ambition is to be an artist, and the horses certainly give me something to work with. Here is a watercolour I've done of one of the ponies, Ingie. My mum says she's very proud!

Cathy says:
Wow... I think maybe I should be writing a book about Ellie's life! A castle! Wow! Are YOU just like one of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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