Wednesday 29 March 2017


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again, and this week CHERRY COSTELLO has some good advice for reader Kirstie...

Kirstie says:
I heard today that my dad has got a new job in London and we will all be moving down. I can't stop crying. I don't want to move - I will lose my friends, lose my home, lose all the people I know at school and the teachers who understand me. We live in a village in Shropshire so moving to London is going to be a massive change. I have told them I don't want to go, but apparently I don't have a choice. I've even asked if I can stay with my best friend's family but my parents won't even discuss that. I am eleven.

Cherry says:
Moving house is a huge change, but try to understand that this is not something your dad has planned deliberately to ruin your life. Good jobs are hard to come by these days and your dad is doing what he feels is best for all of the family. It will be an upheaval for everyone, but trust me, living with unemployment would be just as traumatic. As teens and pre-teens we don't have much choice over the decisions our parents make. I was not overjoyed at the idea of moving from one end of Britain to another because my dad had fallen in love again, and I dreaded meeting my new stepsisters; in the end, I realised it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love the countryside, but the city was a cool place to live too... everywhere has its plus points if you choose to look for them, and London is the capital city and buzzing with life. Attitude is all - be determined that your new life will work out. You will make new friends (and with effort, you can keep your old friends too...) and discover new opportunities, and now is a good time to go as you will not have to start secondary school in the middle of a new term. Talk to your parents and tell them you'll need their support, but give this new move everything you can. Good luck.

Cathy says:
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  1. When I was 7, I moved from Cambridge to Edinburgh. It was a massive move. I never talk or meet up with my old friends, apart from one. I don't regret coming up as I'm 12 and got better friends - ones who really need me right now. I wouldn't change anything for the world.



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