Friday 31 March 2017


Blogger Shannon tells us just what growing up with Cathy Cassidy's books has meant to her...

Shannon says:
I recently ran a Q & A with Cathy Cassidy on my blog, and even now at the age of almost seventeen, I was immensely excited to get her replies to my messages! Asking Cathy questions for the blog and quizzing her about her new book made me feel extremely reflective and nostalgic about my favourite childhood books. Cathy Cassidy was such a positive influence on my younger years; collecting all of Cathy's books inspired and motivated me to become the bookworm that I am today!

I met Cathy Cassidy a number of times. I have fond memories of being a 'chocolate fairy' for Cathy at the MARSHMALLOW SKYE signing in Waterstones Southport, I dressed up as DAIZY STAR way-back-when for World Book Day, and I was always sending chunks of my badly written childhood stories to Cathy by email or post. So many memories! I still have all my handwritten replies from Cathy, in pristine condition in a plastic wallet, including an ANGEL CAKE newsletter and a photo of the two of us which I treasure to this day.

I'm immensely regretful for donating most of my CC books to charity a couple of years ago, including the signed ones with messages I can never get back. It was for a good cause, but ever since then I've felt like a piece of my childhood is missing. I'm hoping to start collecting them again in the summer (lots of reminiscing and reading to be done, yay!) and I may have sneakily asked my mum for a copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB for my birthday!

As a child, CC books were a source of great comfort to me, and whenever I'm having a bad day I always return to the copy of INDIGO BLUE on my shelf and remind myself that everything will work out just fine if I have faith. The message inside reads 'follow your dreams' and that is exactly what I intend to do. I still want to write! Cathy Cassidy is such an inspiring and wonderful role model for young children, teens and young adults. I'd like to thank her for doing the job she does - she's a whole bunch of awesome!

Read Shannon's Q & A with CC and check out her fab blog here!

Cathy says:
Shannon was a super-keen reader from the start, and those stories she used to send me were NOT badly written at all... I hope she follows her dream of being a writer as I know she has lots of potential! Did CC books mean something special to YOU too? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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