Tuesday 14 March 2017


Reader Jess, age thirteen, has written a brilliant short story to keep you on the edge of your seats...

Jess says:
Autumn comes, and with it, the cold. My hands are numb, but my eyes are open and alert, like a cornered dog. The stage seems huge in the fading sunlight. Soon the field will be full of people, warmed up against the night's chill. All eyes will be fixed on me and the three people who have come to mean more to me than anyone else. Alex comes up behind me, slipping his arm around my shoulders, wrapping me in a nervous hug. He's shaking almost as much as I am. 'OK?' he asks. The other two approach too; we are one gooey, emotional mess.

This is our first festival gig as a band. We are Scramble. the biggest name in the indie pop scene right now. We met on a film set, where we featured in a movie as a group of teenagers, which of course we are. We started playing music together and it took off from there. I don't know how we got a music deal, but we did - and now this. We're so nervous. A tour around the UK starting at one of the UK's biggest music festivals? Insane.

We wandered round the festival earlier on, looking at the stalls, messing around; it was amazing. We went on the ferris wheel, Chloe screaming loudly. We tried the spicy chilli jam at one of the food stalls, and Michael's face went red as a tomato! I have so many selfies, so many memories. We go backstage to get ready and I put on my dress and jacket, go and wait.The noise from the crowd is intensifying minute by minute, and as lead singer, I have to be the one to impress them.

With Alex on guitar and bass, Chloe on keyboard and Michael on drums, I couldn't wish for a better band. These people are my friends... my family, almost. Michael taught me how to code computer games, Chloe taught me how to dance, Alex... well, so much. He taught me how to relax, play guitar, sneak out into the fields next to the film set and sing in the dead of night. They are the world to me and I love them - I love them all. Five minutes until we start. Michael wishes me luck and goes to sit at his drum kit, ready. Two minutes. Chloe high fives me and leaves. It's just me and Alex. One minute. He kisses me on the cheek and leaves. Thirty seconds. Twenty. Ten. Now!

I walk on into the darkness. I hear the introduction, dimly hear the roar of the crowd. I open my mouth. The lights come on, blinding me. I sing, and my confidence comes flooding back. What was all the worry about? This is easy! I sing and sing, every song sounding as good as when we were in the studio.The atmosphere is electric. No one can touch me. I am flying, flying free. The audience screams. They love us. I have found where I belong.

Cathy says:
Wow! This is such an amazing story! I absolutely love it. What do YOU think? COMMENT BELOW to tell Jess what you think!



  2. That is a cool as story, keep writing!!

  3. Keep Writing! That was an awesome story and I ope to see more in the future!:)
    TargetGirl x

  4. I just love the first line so much!

    Keep writing :-)

  5. I love this! You are extremely talented :)


  6. It's so good!! Go on Wattpad, then people can see your writing and you can practice!



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