Monday 13 March 2017


Reader Jennifer shares her experience of growing up with CC books and tells how they have helped to shape her life choices!

Jennifer says:
I'm eighteen, and when I was younger I spent years poring over Cathy Cassidy books and adoring the stories. I once met Cathy at a signing in Blackpool; she took my collection of dog-eared books as a huge compliment, telling me she loved to see books that were well read. I still love those books - they're like a warm hug when I feel like my life is getting too adult-y and unstable and I just want to read about clumsy first kisses and school dramas. These books had a huge impact on me.

I actually went vegan after reading the CC website and researching more about the lifestyle. SCARLETT mentions that she sees no difference between cutting up a kitten and cutting up a worm, and it really got my thirteen-year-old self thinking. There's so much stigma around being vegan which is a shame because there are a million reasons it's great. Green & Blacks and Vego both do brilliant chocolate, so I don;t feel I'm missing anything. I'm currently a vet student at uni, and last year spent some time in Lanzarote working with an animal charity, which was amazing.

Although I'm way past the age demographic for CC stories now, I will always love the the books and the characters. Those books make the world more easily navigable for teens - I learned a whole lot about life from where I was holed up in my bedroom with my cat snoozing on my lap! SCARLETT made me brave, DIZZY made me thoughtful, Cat made me bolder, Hannah made me more caring and the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS showed me how important family and friends are. These are lessons I will treasure forever.

Cathy says:
This post is just awesome... it makes all the hard work worthwhile! Do YOU have a particular book or character that made a big impression on you? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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