Sunday 19 March 2017


Regular contributor Emma writes about soulmates... and why we'll almost certainly be meeting more than one of them!

Emma says:
Once upon a time, in a faraway suburban town with a fruit themed name, lived two strangers. After a chance meeting, at an idealistic location, their souls became intertwined in a bond believed to last forever. The two become inseparable, as if they had met in a previous life. They can effortlessly communicate on every level. After about half an hour of bliss, an obstacle intervenes to separate the star-crossed lovers (they are almost always star-crossed, right?) However, after a meaningful montage paired with a Peter Gabriel song, an act of love, the two reunite. They re-ignite their flame and solve the given problem with almost no repercussions. They live happily ever after.

Of course, this would never happen, but it's what the majority of movies and novels lead us to believe it is like to meet our 'soulmate'. Drawn together by some higher power, destined to be together forever. This is not a rant about how love is a lie and soulmates don't exist - they do, just not in the way we are led to believe.

Throughout our lives we will encounter different 'soulmates' at different stages. Like friends who drift in and out of our lives, they all have a set purpose. They teach us something, good or bad; awaken us, help us discover something we didn't know was there. When we are ready, a soulmate will come into our lives to teach us the lesson life has planned for us. These lessons, big or small, combine to make us the person we are meant to be.

Asking why we are drawn to a soulmate is like asking why we breathe it's a natural part of us we feel we couldn't live without. Our soulmates are believed to be a mirror of ourselves, and the way I see it is that all our life we stand in front of this mirror. Each soulmate gives us a different perspective, help us see something we didn't notice before. However, the chances are this person won't be the person you end up marrying or spending your life with. Just because someone's your soulmate does not mean they are the 'one'. That's a lesson I learned from Dawson's Creek! It's mostly because a relationship with such thrilling highs also has extreme lows. The connection is too intense and can be overwhelming.

In conclusion, we change constantly throughout our lives and our needs change too, including the kind of relationship we want and with who. Life is erratic, but perhaps the only thing you need to know for certain is that each piece will fit into the puzzle, one by one, through each stage of your life.

Cathy says:
Wow, so much food for thought here, and a great way to make sense of life! Do YOU believe we have just one soulmate in life, or many? COMMENT BELOW to have your say! 

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  1. i think we all have soulmates, but our soulmate often sees us in a different way. i think guy friends are soulmates, yet they stay as "just friends".



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