Thursday 23 March 2017


Readers tell all about their favourite footwear... read on to find out how they step out in style!

George says:
I spotted these shoes a few months ago and it was love at first sight! They were on the Schuh website, part of a whole range by Irregular Choice inspired by Disney's Cinderella. Most of the other designs were very girly and princess-pretty, and that's not my thing, but the ugly sisters... now you're talking! Trouble was, they were too expensive - I'd have needed my own fairy godmother to afford them! Then to my amazement, the Christmas stars aligned, Schuh dropped the price to nearly half and I was given Christmas money to spend on myself... so, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Not everyone likes them - someone said they were the worst shoes he's ever seen, and didn't even match, but that's why I like them! A different character on each foot, a different coloured sparkly bow on the back, exactly the right amount of purple hearts. Drusilla and Anastasia have created a happy-ever-after for my feet!

Cathy says:
I'm in love. I adore Ash boots anyway, but blue denim Ash boots embroidered with flowers? What could be better? And fancy silver bits on the straps... just wow. I always wear flat boots and I have tried a million styles over the years, but I always come back to these because they are so comfy and they always look great. I generally just go for black ones, but I could not resist these... well, they're something special, right? Summer boots! I ordered them over the internet and I paid full price, but they were a bargain to me... #HappyFeet!

Kym says:
I got these Harry Potter shoes last January in Primark. I don't usually shop in Primark but I was with a friend who wanted to have a look; the shoes were £9 and they've lasted exceedingly well considering the price! Buying them was a nostalgia thing for me - I used to collect Harry Potter stuff years ago, even before the movies. I had PJs and a Harry Potter bag! In the pic, I'm wearing the shoes with mismatched socks... I got them for Xmas. Every tear my nan gets me a box of Fly Flot socks, twelve pairs with different patterns. I always mix and match!

Cathy says:
Did you spot my new boots in this blog? Well, I couldn't leave them out! Do YOU have a fave pair of shoes for springing into spring? COMMENT BELOW to tell us all!


  1. WOW! Your boots are sooo super cool, I would wear them!!! I think I need to get some new shoes for spring now after seeing these, I'm clearly not cool enough!

  2. I have black Vans, for school, but they look great! I usually have mud or grass all over them! I also have trainers, which I don't wear much as they are pink and not really my thing!

  3. My favourite shoes are actually my Jazz shoes. I do jazz and Contemporary dance and my jazz shoes are super comfy, and dancing makes me so happy, so so does wearing them!!!!



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