Tuesday 16 January 2018


Ana is a successful creative blogger - with some great tips and advice for new and would-be bloggers! Read on...

Ana says:
I write about many topics such as crafting, tutorials, fashion, creative hobbies, photography and much more! In this post, I'm going to write about how to be a successful creative blogger and I will give you three of my top tips too! Blogging is a fun, creative hobby which improves your writing skills, helps you to come up with ideas fast and also helps your computer skills! Blogging has mad me more creative and inventive. My photography skills have improved and I've picked up many valuable computing skills along the way. My blogging career began on New Year's Eve 2016 and along the way I have made many online friends and fans, to whom I am eternally grateful! I've also discovered many lovely blogs which give me so much inspiration!

TIP #1: Organise Your Blogging!
In the photo above, you can see a piece of paper which I use to brainstorm creative post ideas. I like to concentrate all of my future post ideas on one pretty piece of patterned paper - you could try to do the same. Get a pen and paper and ask yourself   questions: what should I write that will make me and my readers happy? Which posts do I enjoy writing the most? Which posts are the most popular with my audience? Base your post ideas on these questions - or try making a survey for your readers to complete! Buying some post-it notes, stationery and notebooks all for blogging can help organise things further - you can draft out whole posts or parts of them in your notebook and then type it up onto your blog. It also helps to have a calendar which highlights the days you post - scheduling your posts can help you to get used to writing posts in similar time spaces!

TIP #2: Take Beautiful Photographs!
When I first started blogging, I mostly used images from the internet, but now I only use my own photographs whenever possible. When taking photographs for your blog posts,you need to first get a nice background which matches to the topic/ season. You don't need professional backgrounds - it's more unique to use what you have. In the photograph above, you can see lots of pens in a pack, a pile of books, my glasses, my bracelet and my pocket mirror all laid out in a pretty pattern - the background is a patterned picnic blanket! In the photograph to the right, you can see some stationery on a bright background - but although it looks professional, all I used for the background was a patterned raincoat!

TIP #3: Refresh Your Blog Look!
Every season, I refresh my blog's look by changing the background - you can give your blog a whole new look by giving it a makeover. There are plenty of online apps which create beautiful backgrounds - I use Canva to create my seasonal backgrounds but another alternative is PicMonkey. The picture is just one example of a seasonal background. As a creative blogger I think it adds a special touch to your page to add in unusual backdrops. Fill your blog with things you like, such as a sidebar that leads to different links, and choose the right font for your blog too, choosing one that is easy to read! Your colour scheme can reflect your content, so mix up pastels and brights if your blog has many topics!

Cathy says:
I love Ana's tips and hints - I think I've learned a lot, too! Have YOU ever thought of starting a blog? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Is there a link to her blog? It sounds really good!

  2. Such an interesting post! I'd love to see Ana's blog :)


    1. Hey, it's me, Ana (Anael)! My new blog will be up and running soon, if you would like to contact me via email at anaelsuissadreams@gmail.com I can send it to you



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