Tuesday 2 January 2018


Don't miss out on the magic of winter... embrace the season and make it special with reader Lisa's top ideas for finding the fun at the coldest time of year!

- FEED THE BIRDS! Put out bird feeders or sprinkle nuts, seeds and crusts on a bird table, unless you have a resident cat who might cause trouble! Most importantly, provide fresh water if it's freezing!

- MAKE A SNOW ANGEL! If it snows, you just HAVE to do this, right? Brrrrr!

- THROW A SNOWBALL! It's the law, y'know!

- DO A GOOD DEED WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE! This is like a sort of 'secret santa' without the santa bit... and you'll feel great for doing something kind, but doing it quietly!

 Curl up with a hot water bottle, a blanket, Netflix and plenty of snacks... and do nothing, all day. Once in a while, a total go-slow is just what you need!

- WRITE A LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND! Yes, a letter - take pen and paper and pour your thoughts out the old-fashioned way. A faraway friend or family member will get the thrill of seeing they have got post - and they might even write back!

- INVENT THE PERFECT HOT CHOCOLATE! Experiment with hot choc variations... add a spoonful of coffee for a rich mocha drink, try different milks like oat or coconut instead of cow's, add cream and marshmallows, a cinnamon stick... or make the hot choc from scratch by crumbling chocolate into a pan of warmed milk for a truly decadent treat!
- GO FOR A WINTRY WALK! Let your boots crunch over the frosty grass and slow down enough to look all around you - everything looks different and more magical with a frosting of snow or ice! Arrange to meet your friends at the other end for a cosy hot chocolate break!

- WRAP UP WARM! Winter fashion is all about comfort. Choose cosy jumpers, bobble hats, fluffy boots and gloves, and wrap a scarf around your neck and over your mouth on the coldest days - doctors say it can help prevent cold germs taking hold!

- LIGHT UP THE DARK! Hang fairy lights around your bedroom to get a bit of twinkle into the dreariest of days!

- CURL UP AND READ! The perfect pastime for a cold winter's day... and the fastest way to escape the gloom for somewhere warmer or more exciting!

Robin photograph by Bethanie Denyer; hot chocolate photograph by Lisa W. Thank you both!

Cathy says: 
Some great ideas to liven up the dark winter days... I'll definitely be trying some! What would YOU add to the list? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Taking up cookery! Not just baking (although who can say no to homemade muffins?) but stuff like stews, soups, bakes and stuff like that. Nice hearty meals, perfect for winter. It makes you feel good about yourself for what you've made, it's a pretty essential life skill that comes in handy and best of all, you can eat what you make!



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