Monday 8 January 2018


Reader Emma has a book to recommend to us this month... YA title OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS by Krystal Sutherland! Take a look and decide if it's one you might like too!

Emma says:
OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS by Krystal Sutherland is undoubtedly the most moving, heart wrenching YA novel of the year. It tells the beautiful, fragmented story of Henry page and Grace Town, who are brought together when they are both made editors of their school paper. Henry is ordinary, nice and slightly nerdy, but normal enough to get by; Grave walks with a cane, wears oversized guy clothes and frequently looks as if she hasn't brushed her hair. This novel, bought on my Kindle for only 98p, was one I thought I would dislike. Weirdo meets weirdo, they fall for each other's quirkiness and then they're in love. But OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS wasn't like that at all.

To start with, Henry and Grace's love story was mysterious, sure, but also very cute. There were lots of things that Henry didn't know about Grace, but that was just the beauty of their relationship. Then he starts discovering things about her - dark, awful things that should put him off her for good, but don't.

As well as having in depth, amazing main protagonists, Henry's friends were also very detailed and interesting. They added a whole new level of diversity o the book, as one was Australian and the other was descended from a few different cultures and was lesbian. The way the author handled these characters, by giving them quirks, problems and issues of their own created a new world inside of the book.

So if you are looking for an emotional read that will stay with you for a long time afterwards, OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS will definitely give you just that. With some more mature themes, it's probably more suitable for older readers, but all in all it is an important story that will stay with you forever.

Cathy says:
I'm curious now... I will have to check this out! Have YOU read a book that you really LOVED recently? Would you like to review it for the DREAMCATCHER BOOK CLUB? Email me via the EMAIL CATHY LINK on my website or COMMENT BELOW!


  1. Thank you for posting this Cathy!

  2. This book frequently shows up in my recommendations in Amazon and I've never been sure about it for the reason Emma mentioned - it seemed like another "weirdo meets weirdo but they're just quirky and adorkable 2D characters with no actual story" sort of book. No thank you. But after this review, I might give it a chance. Adding it to my to-read list!

    1. you totally should, it's great! I only bought it because it was cheap but... I actually ended up crying *spazzy blushing*



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