Monday 1 January 2018


All partied out after Christmas and New Year? Curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and our fab CC quiz... then enter your answers into a FAB festive comp to win an exclusive MYSTERY PRIZE BUNDLE!

1. Which two CC characters rescue a mystery animal in a blizzard after a New Year's party in the story SNOWFLAKES & WISHES (first an e-book and on sale via at only £1.49 currently - but also included in the story collection LIFE IS SWEET)!

2. ...And what WAS the mystery animal rescued by those two characters in the e-book story SNOWFLAKES & WISHES?

3. Which CC character shows us how to host a cool Easter vintage tea party in the book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS?

4. In which CC book does the character Jude reluctantly go to an Elvis-themed New Year's party at her dad's house?

5. Which CC character turns up to gatecrash the party in Q4 so that he can see Jude, on whom he has a huge crush?

6. Who invites Alice Beech to a Wonderland themed sleepover party in the book LOOKING GLASS GIRL?

7. How does the dramatic Wonderland sleepover in LOOKING GLASS GIRL end?
8. Which CC character invites an English teacher to her 13th birthday party in the book GINGERSNAPS to the alarm of her friend Ginger?

9. How does the ever-so-slightly eventful party in GINGERSNAPS end and why?

10. The book GINGERSNAPS opens with Ginger looking back at her 11th birthday party - at what venue was it held?

11. Why was Ginger's 11th birthday in Q10 above such a nightmare?

12. Where is the 13th birthday party of twins Summer and Skye held in the book MARSHMALLOW SKYE?

13. Why does Skye leave the party in Q12 early?

14. In the CC book MARSHMALLOW SKYE, the Tanberry-Costello parents host a festive party for their friends and neighbours on which day?

15. At the wedding party for Charlotte and Paddy described in SUMMER'S DREAM, whose date is the character Aaron Jones?

16. What gift does Eden give to Andie before the party in the book BROKEN HEART CLUB?

17. Where does Andie's 11th fateful birthday party take place in BROKEN HEART CLUB?

18. Where do Eden and Ryan hide out during the fight at Lara's disastrous teen party in the book BROKEN HEART CLUB? (Clue - Eden spends most of her time sitting on a washing machine while Ryan is sprawled in a laundry basket...)

19. Coco buys a fluffy tiger toy with proceeds from the purchase going towards an animal charity for her friend Sarah's birthday in the book COCO CARAMEL. What is Sarah's reaction?

20. The character Finch returns to Tanglewood for a brilliant Tanberry-Costello Hallowe'en party in the book MOON & STARS (e-book, just £1.49 from or read as part of the collection LIFE IS SWEET). But what message does Finch have for Skye Tanberry?

Cathy says:
So... list out your answers and email them to me HERE along with your name and postal address - at the end of January I will pick the winner and send them a special and exclusive MYSTERY PRIZE BUNDLE! (If there is more than one correct answer, I'll pick the winning entry from a hat.) Please COMMENT BELOW to tell me if you've entered, and whether the quiz was too easy or too tough!


  1. I have just entered- my mum was impressed that I just relied on my memory so there were only 3 that I could not answer!

  2. I have just entered. It was lots of fun and really challenged my memory.

  3. I got them all right but my girls said im not allowed to enter because im a mum .but i thonk its because i got more rigjt than they did 🤣🤣good luck everyone x



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