Sunday 31 December 2017


Talented reader KATIE has written a fab fanfic to take us back to Tanglewood just in time for New Year... curl up with a hot chocolate and catch up with the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS (a couple of years on from where the series left them)!

Katie says:
Skye simply could not stop herself from glancing out of the window every five minutes. She was a natural procrastinator after all, but this was something else. This essay on the American Civil War refused to write itself. Skye looked up at the Christmas tree and sighed. She'd got all of the Christmas presents she'd wanted, made a batch of truffles, reacquainted herself with the goings on at Tanglewood... but something was missing. Or more accurately, someone.

Skye pulled up her emails and read. It was right there. 'I'm sorry Sissy, Stuttgart Airport is closed and all the planes are grounded.I think the universe is telling me I need to do more dancing - this ballet school is seriously amazing. But don't worry, I WILL be with you by New Year's Day!' Skye sighed,  closed her laptop and went to join her family. It was nearly time for the encore of the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Before Skye knew it, it was almost midnight on New Year's Eve. The celebratory truffles were laced with champagne and popping candy, so every bite resulted in a fizz and a pop. Skye felt fizzled out. The countdown began. 'FIVE!' How long would she even stay? 'FOUR!' Did her mum and Paddy know? 'THREE!' She probably felt overworked and exhausted, even more than Skye does. 'TWO!' Sometimes Skye wished she was as young as Coco, even now. 'ONE! HAPPY BEW YE-'

There was a loud knock at the door. Skye was the first to reach it, and in a burst of determination she even pushed Honey out of the way before flinging the door open wide. Skye took in every inch of the person standing outside. Long blonde hair, just like Skye, glittering teeth and dressed in - ski clothes? 'Who wants to start the New Year in France?' she asked, grinning.

Skye turned away. 'What's up, Buttercup?' Summer asked, frowning like a puppy.

'I just didn't expect... oh, Summer, what about a family New Year?' she said. 'Here, at Tanglewood? It's been forever since we've all done that. I have four essays to write and I still came home, while you've been swanning around Germany. And now you want to whisk me off to France!'

'Sis, in case you haven't noticed, it's the New Year,' Summer said. 'New Year, new possibilities! You saved me from not having any at all, remember? And we're grown ups now. Mum and Dad...' she smiled at Charlotte and Paddy charmingly - 'Won't mind, not really. Honey's staying on for a while and Coco still lives here of course. Cherry, how's the book going?'

Cherry nods brightly, writer-speak for 'I'm stuck right now, but I'm sure it will come...'

So a day later, Paddy drove the twins to the airport and they headed off to start the New Year with a whole lot of new experiences. They held hands as they glided down ski-hills, locked legs as they rode back up on the ski lift, smiled at each other as they chatted away and caught up over endless hot chocolates and champagne and raised a toast to 'New Year, new possibilities!'

Cathy says:
Awww! My eyes seem to have gone all misty! Love this story of Tanglewood revisited... just perfect! Should we have more fiction on DREAMCATCHER in 2018? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Yes I think posting more fanfic on Dreamcatcher would be a great addition to the New Year, especially with so many talented readers!



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