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We asked you to tell us about your favourite Christmas decorations... and the stories you shared are just gorgeous!

Ali says:
These decorations have been on various trees of mine since 1985! They were bought on a school exchange to Hanau, near Frankfurt, in what was then West Germany (the Berlin Wall didn't come down until 1989!). We took an excursion to a nearby town which had a Christmas shop. I remember walking in and standing on a balcony which overlooked a whole floor of twinkling, sparkling, glitter decorations - it was magical! I bought these three things, all of which have seen better days. My nutcracker, now missing an arm, and two smaller decorations which have lost their loops - I balance them on the branches now! I would encourage anyone in their teens to buy a small decoration every year and take a photo of yourself with it, so that one day you can look back on them and share your memories!

Vikki says:
My dad started a tradition of buying one special tree decoration each year for my daughters - this is just one, pictured left. Holly has seventeen now and Alex eleven! When they each leave home, the idea is that they can take their tree decorations with them - the only problem will be that out tree will be bare!

Maisie says:
It's not my favourite exactly but every year we put a salt dough Santa decoration on the tree, which I made in Year Three at primary school. I remember making it really well - the salt dough was sticky and strange to work with, and the teacher took them away and baked them and then we painted and varnished them. It was my mum's Christmas present that year. Now I am sixteen, but that wonky salt dough Santa comes out every single year, and goes on the tree along with the posh decorations. My mum loves it.

Marti says:
I don't know what to say about this - see right - apart from that it is an acquired taste! The thing is, I don't have a clue where this decoration came from or why it's even on our tree in the first place. One day it was just there, along with all of Mum's beautiful decorations. That vile pink THING has pride of place every year! I mean... why? Is it a pig? I literally cannot tell!

Lauren says:
My favourite Christmas decoration is a soft snowman with a purple scarf. We've had it for more than three years now and it's technically my mum's, but but this year I get to have it on MY tree!

Louise says:
One year when I was little my big sister made me a strange dog-shaped tree decoration out of cardboard and tissue paper and glitter. It was the year I really wanted a dog for Christmas and we couldn't have one then, so the dog decoration was sort of to make up for it. It looks mad but it will always mean the world to me. My sister is away at uni now - but we DO have a real dog at last!

Alice says:
These are the baubles (see left) I bought for the first Christmas of my children - they will always be very special!

Hannah says:
My ballerina decoration is my favourite because I love ballet as much as Summer Tanberry!

Violet says:
I love the faux icicle decorations we bought from a shop on Well Street. Firstly, they look pretty and classy, almost like real icicles... very wintry! Secondly, they're clear so they go with any colour scheme! One year I asked if we could have a silver and blue theme as opposed to our usual red and gold - and we could still use the icicles. Lastly, whenever I think of these, I think of our cat Caramel who went to the Rainbow Bridge nearly eight years ago... once she casually sauntered up o the tree, grabbed one of the icicle decorations off one of the lower branches and sprinted off with it in her mouth. She was like a dog with a stick and wouldn't let us take it back! Awww.

Cathy says:
I LOVE these posts... so many lovely stories! Have YOU got a favourite Christmas decoration? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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