Sunday, 17 December 2017


We asked if you still send Christmas cards to friends and family near and far - or if you prefer to send your greetings via the internet! This is what you said...

Violet says:
I don't send cards. If words are from the heart, they are meaningful no matter how they are transmitted - Christmas card, Facebook message, trained parrot, elaborate codes scribbled in the back of library books. It's the friendship that's important, not the mass-produced tree pulp. If my friends think I don't care about them because I don't send them the same glitter-coated, insipid, printed rhyme that I'd have to send to my other friends too, then they don't know me as well as they think they do. Some people give cards. Some don't. Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with, not what society tells us is the done thing.

Hollie says:
I do! I bought a pack of NSPCC charity Christmas cards this year. Technically I wrote them, but they're not from me... they're from my pup Boris, each containing a cheese pun Christmas message such as 'Eat, drink and Brie merry,' or 'You Cheddar watch out, you Cheddar not cry,' and complete with a Christmas photo of the beautiful puppy himself, with a Santa hat on and fairy lights draped over him. That, my friends, is what makes Christmas great!

Kym says:
If the person lives far away and I'm sending a gift, yes, otherwise no. If we do buy them, we buy boring ones that can be recycled, usually charity ones. We don't use proper wrapping paper either, just brown paper and twine - a ribbon or tissue paper if I'm feeling fancy!

Catherine says:
I love making Christmas cards and people love getting them - how can anything else replace a homemade card? Buying cards is a cop out if you can make them instead! I've kept old Christmas cards over the years and have a collection of nativity, robins and Santa cards. It's beautiful to know that each one was chosen for me!

Rowan says:
I bought charity cards from the hospital where my mum was treated for cancer last year. The right chemo and surgery has meant she has survived a rare type of cancer and the hospital were amazing. I think charity Christmas cards are wonderful!

Jade says:
I am old fashioned, not all of my friends bother, but I give out cards and they are home made ones too! I love Christmas and it makes me happy to make something a bit different for my friends. I think we live in a world of technology and it's rare to have something made by hand!

Lara says:
My family are not sending cards this year, we have made a donation to a local homeless charity instead. I think it has taken a lot of stress off my mum and saved a bit too, and we still feel like we have done something good that has the spirit of Christmas in it. But now my friends are starting to give me cards at school and I feel bad - dilemma!

Cathy says:
I love sending cards - I buy charity cards, this year from Survival International and Side by Side for Refugees. Do YOU still send cards - or do you think it's old fashioned? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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