Thursday, 14 December 2017


What does Christmas mean to YOU? CC readers share their thoughts and beliefs about Christmas...

Deborah says:
Christmas for me is the day that Jesus was born - hence the name CHRIST-mas. I believe our gift to Jesus on his birthday is to give gifts and goodwill to the people around us. To do something loving and considerate to mark the birth of our Saviour.

Isabelle says:
To me, Christmas is about having fun with your family. On Christmas, the whole family comes to our house and so do friends as well. Then in the day we go to the beach! It's really windy and cold, but it's a Christmas tradition for us! Christmas is all about being with friends and family and being happy!

Melissa says:
Christmas is about hiding away from the world and its stress - locking the doors and playing games with the kids and making them feel special, showing them how important they are to us.

Cheryl says:
I use Christmas as a milestone to assess where my life is and what I want to achieve in the coming year. Just seems like a good time for gratitude and new wishes!

Harley says:
My family aren't religious, so for us it's about spending time together, eating good food and giving gifts. We still go to carol services, look at the lights and join the Christmas Eve street party for the local children's hospital, but that's part of the tradition of it all.

Bob says:
Peace on Earth. Can it be?

Jessica says:
Christmas is what it is... and different for everyone! For me it's a time to give and receive, to sing carols with your friends, to remember the nativity. It's about seeing family and friends, being thankful for what you have, reflecting on the year past and looking forward to the year ahead!

Kate says:
I love so much about Christmas. The smell of the pine Christmas tree, the twinkly lights, the presents - and you may not believe it, but I like giving much more than I like getting. It's a time to show people that you care. I like going to church, even though we don't go much the rest of the year, and I love that it brings families and friends together. It's special - it's Christmas!

Cathy says:
Awesome comments... but what does Christmas mean to YOU? Tell all - just COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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