Friday, 22 December 2017


Readers recommend their favourite CC books with a festive theme... pick up a copy and get yourself some Christmas spirit!

Deborah says:
ANGEL CAKE is by far my favourite CC book! I love the story and how Anya adapts to life in Liverpool. My favourite element of the book has to be the description, especially when Christmas comes around! I find it amazing that I am actually able to see the scenes as if they are actually happening in front of me... and feel the snow as if it's falling all around me. I enjoyed reading about the Polish traditions for Christmas and seeing how different they are to English traditions. Books that master imagery reel me in every time, and ANGEL CAKE is definitely one of them!

Abigail says:
ANGEL CAKE is an empowering book for anyone who has ever felt alone, and it has a great Christmas theme too. Anya, a Polish girl who moves to the UK, feels lost until she meets Dan - an angel to his mum, a bad boy to the teachers and a hero to his mates. Anya's friends warn her off Dan but they can't help falling in love, even when the world around them gets seriously complicated - Anya's family may be on the move again, and Dan is trapped in a tangle of lies. The whole Christmas theme makes this a perfect book to read in December, to capture the magic that many families find at Christmas!

Tania says:
MARSHMALLOW SKYE is my favourite CC book to read at Christmas. I love hearing about the Christmas parties and traditions of the Chocolate Box Girls and I go back to read the Christmas chapters over and over. My favourite is the bit where Coco gets her pet lamb, Humbug! The book has all the magical wintry background I absolutely love, like Alfie and Skye watching the snow fall on the steps of the gypsy caravan and going sledging on the hill... those bits are wonderful to me because I live in Australia where we don't have snow, and where Christmas comes in the middle of summer!

Kris says:
It's my favourite CC book and not especially a Christmas book, but it DOES have a bit of a Christmas flavour - the book is SUNDAE GIRL. I love the part where Jude and her class go carol singing in the snow and then she gets to walk home with Carter, and they get snowflakes on their lashes. It's romantic but also very funny! I also love the sound of Jude's dad's New Year's party - mad! I totally recommend this book to all CC fans! And the last and final reason it's my favourite book at Christmas time is that I got it as a Christmas present, five years ago now. I was nine then and I am fourteen now, and I still love it just as much as when I read it the first time!

Cathy says:
Aww, love these posts! Do YOU have a fave CC book to read at Christmas? If so, which one, and why? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I like to read Coco Caramel because although it isn't strictly related to the Winter season, it shows that Christmas is about giving — Coco gives all she can to save the horses and raises money for endangered animals, which proves that managing to help something/someone who isn't as fortunate as you is the best present you can get! :)



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