Sunday, 24 December 2017


A brilliant LOST & FOUND Christmas fanfic from talented NZ reader Katie... find out what Lexie, Marley and their friends are up to in this gorgeous festive short story!

Katie says:
The Lost & Found have just played the last not on their Funky Carols Concert. With a triumphant 'Thank you and goodnight!' from Marley, they disband in a frenzy of noise, hugs and music stands stabbing into their sides. Lexie, Bex and Happi break off into a huddle against the cold, and with one last look at their band they skip off to their practice studio, the old railway carriage at Greystones. Jake was off at Tanglewood for the Christmas holidays, but Louisa Winter always greeted the Lost & Found warmly, even on the coldest days.They were all set up in the garden, and Bex and Happi wrapped themselves in the blankets and started batting baubles around like kittens, trying to stay warm. Lexie's mind was on the letter she had sent; she was waiting for one more special guest.

'Yoohoo!' Someone was clanking at the Geystones' gate. Someone... new... who didn't know the special trick to get the gate to slide open with a clunk...

'MISS WALKER!' Lexie cried joyfully, brushing herself off and running to meet her favourite librarian. Miss Walker's bubblegum pink hair was a beacon in the softly falling snow. She placed herself down with elegance on one of the abandoned blankets and produced a bundle of books.

'Every good party needs reading materials!' Miss Walke smiled, and as she say back Lexie noticed the librarian was wearing another of her trademark book-themed dresses, this time patterned with icons from harry Potter.

'This is officially a book party!' Lexie declared. 'And you're the life and soul of it, Miss Walker!'

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and playing in the snow, until it got too cold and Miss Walker headed off to meet the bingo group at the library and Lexie, Bex and Happi traipsed inside for hot chocolates with Louisa Winter.  They toasted both Christmas and the Lost & Founs, and the hot chocolate warmed everything from their chattering teeth to their curled toes.

Cathy says:
Awww... what a fab, feel-good story! Have YOU read LOVE FROM LEXIE yet? Get to know Lexie and her friends in the first of my new LOST & FOUND series! COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I heard about Sami's Silver Lining, could you maybe post aboutt it soon?

  2. This is very sweet- aww!




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