Tuesday, 19 December 2017


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER and reader Molly has a dilemma for troubleshooter HONEY TANBERRY to solve...

Molly says:
I am actually dreading Christmas. Last year was horrible... my mum and dad had a big row on Christmas Day because my dad had drunk too much to help in the kitchen and my mum got really stressed and burnt the roast potatoes and dried out the turkey and forgot the gravy. My gran and granddad made some nasty comments about the dinner and after they'd gone home there was a huge, huge row. My mum was screaming and crying and my dad said some terrible things and stormed off, and he stayed away until Boxing Day. I hated it. They did patch things up but I am dreading this year. Mum and Dad have both said it will be fine and gran and granddad aren't coming, but I feel sick every time I think about it.

Honey says:
Even the most perfect of parents mess up sometimes, and the stress levels last year were clearly sky high in your family. This year should be better as both your parents are clear that they don't want a repeat of that. The fact that your grandparents aren't coming for Christmas Dinner may help - perhaps their unkind comments were the last straw last time around? You can help by taking the pressure off wherever possible - clear up discarded wrapping paper, make cups of tea without being asked, help with washing up, and offer to take on simple tasks in the kitchen like making gravy or keeping an eye on the veggies. It all helps! Try to let go of your anxiety, as that will just make for a tense atmosphere... not what anyone needs. It's hard to accept that our parents aren't perfect, but that's the way it is... yours deserve a chance to out things right after last year's meltdown. Good luck... I hope it all works out!

Cathy says:
Christmas can be a VERY stressful time, and when you add extended family into the mix, things can get tricky. If things have been calm since then, I agree that there's no reason to think this Christmas will be a repeat performance! Have YOU ever experienced a stressy or nightmarish Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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