Saturday, 30 December 2017


Readers tell us about their festive footwear... Christmas socks or toasty-warm slippers? You show us your faves!

Kerry says:
My slipper socks are from Peru or somewhere I think... they look handmade anyway, and I absolutely love them! The colours are green and red which makes them Christmassy - in my book, anyway! When I get in from school I get changed (because who wants to slob around in their uniform?) and putting these on makes me feel happy and excited about the whole Christmas thing. And cosy, obviously, because they are so warm and toasty! They came from a local hippy shop and cost about £8, and because they're more slippers than socks I think that is a total bargain!

Jen says:
Socks with Christmas trees on... you don't get much more festive than this! I saw them in the shops and I couldn't resist. They're 'happy' socks - they make me smile every time I put them on. A lot of the time I put them on over my tights or over other socks, instead of slippers, to keep my feet extra warm. My main problem will be not being able to wear them anymore once January arrives!

Kayleigh says:
I love my Santa socks, and I plan to keep wearing them inside my boots until the weather warms up again... why should they be just for Christmas? We have a bit of a tradition at our house about getting silly Christmas stuff... jumpers, PJs, socks, etc. It makes the run up to Christmas really special but it's hard to leave all the silly good humour behind once January arrives! These socks are OK though because most people will only see the top part of them with the stars, and that's fine... only I know I have 'Secret Santa' toes!

Cathy says:
Love this... and I love the 'snuggle up' ethos of the week between Christmas and New Year too! Did YOU get cosy socks or slippers this year? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I got new sparkly boot slippers, I love them but I've not worn them yet I think I will wait until January for new sparkly slippers!

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