Saturday, 2 December 2017


Do YOU have a special way of decorating your Christmas tree? Readers share their Christmas tree traditions!

Francesca says:
Our Christmas tree is overflowing with decorations and this is because of our big Christmas tradition! Every year we go to the Birmingham German Christmas market, and me, my brother and my sister choose a decoration each! This means that our Christmas tree gets pretty full... so soon we won't have any room for new decorations!

Sally says:
We always decorate our tree on the first Saturday of December, and we do it as a family, my brothers and me. My dad does a Christmas playlist and my mum usually bakes the first mince pies of the season while we are decorating, so the house smells amazing too. It's the real start of Christmas for me!

Jenna says:
We have a tradition that the tree doesn't go up until the last Saturday before Christmas. This is because we have a real tree, and if it went up too soon it wouldn't last and would start dropping needles everywhere. We do decorate the rest of the house a bit, with lights and fake snow on the windows, but when we go to pick out the tree, that's the start of Christmas - time to get really excited!

Natasha says:
Our tree goes up on the first Sunday of advent, and sometimes that is actually in November! We all join in with making it look good and every year we have a slightly different theme or colour guide, just to make it a bit different. We decorate the outside of the house too so you could say we go a bit Christmas mad! Because the tree is up all through December, we then clear it all away on New Year's Eve to start the new year with a 'clean slate'.

Mariella says:
Last year we were staying with relatives over the Christmas period as we had lost our home and it wasn't until March we got sorted and found our current flat. So there was no tree last year. This year, Mum has promised a real tree and I cannot wait. It's going to be a very special Christmas in our own home, and I can't wait.

Jodie says:
Our tree is old and a bit bent on one side, and the tinsel is wearing thin in places but when Dad suggested replacing it last year nobody would let him! We use all the old family decorations, odd things we've made at school over the years or been given. It doesn't look posh or cool, but it's our tree, and we love it!

Cathy says:
Love this! Our tree is also a mix-up of old decorations and things the kids and I have made over the years. What are YOUR Christmas tree traditions? COMMENT BELOW to tell all!

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