Saturday 13 January 2018


When I met reader Laura at Cheltenham Book Festival in the autumn, she told me how my books had shaped her teenage years... and I asked her to share the story!

Laura says:
From a very young age I have always had my head in a book, from Enid Blyton to Jacqueline Wilson and more. Reading was my favourite hobby and I loved that I could do it almost anywhere! But then, aged ten, I discovered a new book which to this day - thirteen years later - is still my absolute favourite book. It was called DIZZY. I fell in love with the book straight away, loved the uncertain adventures Dizzy has with her mum Storm, the excitement of the festivals and the turbulent relationships she has with Finn and Mouse.

The next few years were a whirlwind of dreamcatchers, pin boards, tie dye t-shirts, camper vans, reindeer antlers, blue eyes kittens, rocky relationships, daydreaming and dreadlocks. I was mesmerised by each and every new Cathy Cassidy story and felt consumed both by the characters and the plots. I would write to Cathy, aged eleven, and she would write back to me, as well as sending me stickers with inspirational quotes to put at the front of my books. For me, growing up, that meant the world. Cathy's books came at a time when, as a child, I had a lot of family struggles. Her books to me were a means of escape - I would delve into the story and forget about the world around me. All that mattered was what was going to happen with Hannah and Joey, or where Indie and Misti would move to.

I am now twenty-three years old and working as a primary school teacher in Cheltenham. I often think of Cathy's work as I teach my class story writing. I try to inspire them with the same creative ideas that inspired me as a child. Recently, I attended the Cheltenham Literature Festival to hear Cathy talk about her books - this was a dream I had waited for for thirteen years to come true. Afterwards, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Cathy and share with her my signed stickers from all those years ago. She was exactly as I imagined her - kind, creative and full of joy. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope she continues to inspire young people for many years to come!

Cathy says:
Gulp! This post means SOOOO much to me... it makes all the hard work worthwhile to know that my books have made a difference to someone like Laura. Do YOU have a book that means the world to you? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more!


  1. Awesome, I think I will love CC books (and CC herself :p ) as long as this too! Marshmallow Skye has to be the one that means the most to me and stays special to me, as well as Gingersnaps :) xxx

    1. My favourite is Marshmallow Skye too but I also love Sundae girl and Scarlett a lot.



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