Friday 26 January 2018


We asked what your best things about January were... and your worst! This is what you said - and what I said, too!

Cathy says:
I'll start! My best... wood fires, thick socks, frosty morning walks, soft scarves, fairy lights, books, hot chocolate, a sense of fresh starts. My worst... sleet, high winds, dark days, ice.

Helen says:
Getting up in the dark, going to school in the dark, coming out of school in the dark, going home in the dark... those are my worst things!  Roll on longer days and lighter mornings & evenings! Best things? Spotting early signs of Spring!Snowdrops and other bulbs coming up; robins beginning to sing to stake their claim in their territory!

Katie says:
Best: Exam results are coming out tomorrow...
Worst: Exam results are coming out tomorrow. Now that we’ve cleared that up....
The best things are being absolute Newt Scamander trash, like every other month of the year, buying goods online to feed my Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts addiction, Mum giving me an allowance so I can very carefully manage my own finances (a little bit daunting,) seeing friends, reading, watching the Harry Potter movies (like every other month of the year,) swimming, It’s 2018!!! (which is also scary,) writing for/to you, Cathy!! ... seaside markets, fangirling. And the worst... holiday boredom,
going back to school next month (which is also a good thing... I live in NZ by the way!) and the fact it’s not 2017! (Which is also a good thing)

Sophie says:
Best... cosy blankets, cosy boots, hot chocolate, winter craft activities, making bird food, books, libraries re-open. Worst... dark mornings and dark afternoons, freezing cold weather (not many really!)

Melissa says:
The best thing about Jan is my birthday! It lifts the whole month, and gives me something to look forward to, because otherwise it feels like a VERY long month! I hate the dark nights and the cold, wet days but I do love it when it snows!

Kellie says:
I love the sense of a new beginning, and the buzz of feeling that all my plans and resolutions for the new year will come true. That buzz doesn't always last but it's great while it does! I am very determined this year and hopeful that things will work out well! Those hopes light up a dark, gloomy month!

Cathy says:
Great to hear so much positivity in what can be quite a gloomy month! Keep it up! How do YOU feel about January? Post-Christmas blues? Or New year - new you positivity? COMMENT BELOW...

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