Saturday 20 January 2018


NZ reader Katie reviews LOVE FROM LEXIE in her own inimitable way... best review ever! Blush, blush! And thank you!

Katie says:
LOVE FROM LEXIE - the novel in which Cathy Cassidy does All The Things!

- THE TORTOISE THING. Mary Shelley is tortoise goals and she is the reason I was hooked before the 30-page mark. Like, 'Oh, look, we're going on a tortoise hunt!'!

- THE BAD BOY THING. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We have another bad boy on our hands. He;s just as scrumptious as the last ones but he's got a big ol' secret. Nevertheless, the show must go on! Can you tell I'm pumped?

- THE LIBRARY THING. OK - so there's this librarian based on a real life person and her dresses are just TOO MUCH. I have a Harry Potter dress that I think Miss Walker would approve of! The tears and the hot chocolates and the cookies - librarians are the best, right? And the super cool library with the super cool things and the importance of the libraries. I just can't. Libraries are SO VERY IMPORTANT. My local librarians didn't bat an eyelid when LOVE FROM LEXIE got chewed up by my puppy Luna! She didn't mean it!  cannot stress enough the importance of reading, ad Cathy Cassidy articulates it so beautifully, and what a library has to offer, which is a whole heckin' lot!

- THE HARRY POTTER THING. I can't breathe. I. Am. Obsessed. As if BROKEN HEART CLUB wasn't enough (go read it!) Cathy Cassidy did the thing and sprinkled Harry Potter references all through LOVE FROM LEXIE and now I can't even... because Harry Potter is MY LIFE and Cathy Cassidy recognises and acknowledges this and she is willing to raise other children's books up. To be honest one of the parts I cried at was the library performance for the TV news, because they used PHILOSOPHER'S STONE...

- THE HITTING ME IN THE FEELS THING. So there's Lexie who narrates the story, and the whole time I am thinking, 'I will protect you from the Dementors, child...' and then there's the band, and then there's MARLEY. Marley is just a whole other level of feels and I thought LOVE FROM LEXIE couldn't get any more powerful, more important, and then the thing with Marley happened. Wow.

Honourable mentions go to THE CAKE THING; THE MINORITY INCLUSION THING; and THE SONG LYRICS THING. Roll on the sequel!

Cathy says:
I totally love this review... if LOVE FROM LEXIE never gets another one, I'll still be content with all the loveliness here! Have YOU read LOVE FROM LEXIE yet? What are you waiting for?COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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