Tuesday 20 January 2015


Have you ever wondered which style of dance would suit YOU? We talked to a bunch of dance-crazy readers to find out...

Louise says:
I used to do tap when I was younger and I've also done ballet and modern for several years. Street dance is special, though - it's a dance of expression. It's different to other types of dance as your moves are not precise... you can lose yourself inside the music. It's an imperfect way to let go of your imperfections! The music varies from pop and R&B to Dubstep and even crossed music - I love it. It helps you imagine a place a million miles away where everything is OK and always will be OK. Street dance is different and unique - just like me!

Betty says:
I started ballet about a year ago. I'm in Grade Four and do two lessons a week, but I plan to do more... and soon I hope to start Intermediate Foundation. I love ballet because it's like speaking with your feet - I love moving around in time with the music and being able to jump really high. Jumps are my favourite thing to do! I started doing ballet because I fell in love with the Cathy Cassidy book Summer's Dream! It's never too late to start, and you can make good progress in quite a short time!
Scarlett says: 
I've been doing Irish dance for six years, and I love it. I started it as a way to keep fit, and it definitely does that! I enjoyed my classes, but some dancers came to do a demo on Irish dance from another school, and I was hooked... I joined that school and I haven't looked back! Sometimes I take part in competitions... in one recent Feis (competition) I won four medals overall and came second in two sections!
Alexandra says:
I love ballet and I do two 45 minute lessons a week. I have just taken my inter-foundation exam which is the grade after grade five. Some people continue to do grades six, seven and eight, but my teacher prefers the inter-foundation route! I have to do point work as well, which I love. On a Friday I do a tap and modern class, and I'm taking my grade four exam in that soon... I'm really nervous about that! I love ballet, but I know it won't be a career for me... it's just fun.

Chantel says:
I go to a theatre school and study dance there - I do musical theatre, modern, street and jazz and I do some  tap and ballet at home too. My jazz shoes, in the picture, are multi-purpose and really comfortable. I absolutely love attending my dance classes as they are really fun and a great way to make friends. Dance is so expressive and a great workout, too!

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  1. Sorry for asking this TOTALLY out of topic question, but when are we going to find out who the winners are for the Looking Glass Girl comp?

    1. Easier to ask q's like this on FB fanpage or email! It's a Puffin comp and runs until end of Jan, I think. The winners will be informed after that. xxx

  2. I did ballet from when I was little to around the age of 9 or 10, but although I enjoyed it I wasn't very good at it, so I stopped to do horse riding lessons instead.
    I would LOVE to try ballroom dancing, like the Charleston, Waltz, Quickstep, etc. Think Strictly. It just looks so beautiful and fun, plus lots of those dances are done to my favourite kinds of music.
    I also enjoy Scottish Country dancing - it's fun, energetic, and it doesn't matter if you do something wrong because at a ceilidh, nobody knows what they're doing! :D

  3. I do DWL (dancing with louise) ballet. I have done it since I was 2, it is amazing. It's fun and serious at the same time, with its awesome music. I do 1 class a week, which is one hour. In the summer, I might go on DWL camp, which might have an optional 1 or 2 and a half (both of them) afterwards.

  4. CookieMonster261022 January 2015 at 18:49

    I started dance at high school this year and I didnt get into the competition team because I have an injury but I can't wait to perform our new contemporary dance to breathe me by sia!



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