Saturday 10 January 2015


Have you made a whole lot of New Years Resolutions… and broken them already? Take the pressure off and make January a time to take stock, look ahead and try to be the best you possibly can be…

Celine says:
I seem to make the same resolutions every year… and never stick to them. It's always something about giving up chocolate and keeping my room tidy, and I never seem to last more than a few days. This year I thought I'd try something different - after all, why give up chocolate when it's something I like so much? And why feel bad for having an untidy room when I actually like it better that way? Instead, I decided to do more exercise and be more helpful around the house. So far, so good… I'm going swimming with a friend and when the weather brightens up we plan to play tennis and go running. It's fun! As for helping around the house, it's mostly making cups of tea or loading the dishwasher, so at least I get some thanks! It's got to be better to make resolutions you have half a chance of keeping, right?

Pippa says:
My plan for the year ahead is to be more confident. I am trying to believe in myself and stop putting myself down all the time… I can be my own worst enemy and I want to stop that because how can I expect others to like and respect me if I can't like and respect myself? I know it is early days still but I am very determined to keep to this plan because it matters so much to me. If I succeed it will change my life.

Demi says:
My resolution this year is to think of others and not just myself. I am lucky - I have a home and family and enough to eat, friends, education and opportunities. Not everybody is as lucky. I want to raise awareness and also raise money for those who are not so lucky. In December I took part in a project where you pack a rucksack for a homeless person and hand it in to be passed on. I included a sleeping bag, a scarf, tins of soup, gloves, a toothbrush and handwipes. It really made me think and I have decided that this year will be about doing things for other people. It doesn't matter if I don't change the world, but whatever I DO do will help others, and that is what matters.

Carmen says:
I have decided to be a better friend for the year ahead, and a better daughter and sister. I think it means learning to be less selfish and think of other people more, and if I succeed I will probably be a happier person!

Molly says:
For the year ahead my resolution is to conquer my fear of water. To show that I am serious, I have signed up for a beginners swimming class, and even if it takes all year I am determined that I will do it!

Cathy says:
I love these resolutions… what have YOU got planned for 2015? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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