Tuesday 20 January 2015


You'll love reader LilMiss's fab wintry fanfiction about Honey and Skye, inspired by this pic of two sisters in cool hats… and with a few additions from me! Make yourself a hot chocolate and curl up for five minutes of escapism!

The world is swirling with snow as I walk through the village with my big sister Honey. It looks magical; Honey's hair, shorter than it once was after she cut it in a flurry of anger a couple of years back, is intertwined with snowflakes.
We walk past one of my favourite shops - a newly opened vintage shop - and I just can't help but notice a winter sale. Honey doesn't really like vintage - not like I do, anyway - but she doesn't complain when I drag her into the warm shop.
'Mrs Valestro!' I cry warmly, throwing my arms around the owner's stout body. 'Good to see you!'
She passes me two of the sweets she keeps in a jar on a high up shelf, a toffee penny for me and a strawberry cream for Honey. I can see Honey's mouth open to tell me off for dragging her into a shop full of old clothes, but the strawberry cream enters her mouth at just the right time and her complaint is silenced.
'What are you needing, girls?' Mrs Valestro asks. 'A silk shawl, a fifties frock, a 1930s brooch?'
Honey wrinkles up her nose, unimpressed.
'We have a big reduction in hats… 1960s ski hats, just in from America…' She lifts one, a subtle purple with lilac tones. It's looks like new.
'Honey, shall we get hats? Stay warm in the snow?'
I raise my eyebrows, trying not to laugh. Honey is toying with a pink hat with an intricate pattern, lips pursed to criticise… but the words have been swept away. She likes it; more than that, she loves it.
A sign on the wall says all hats are reduced to £3.50, but as I fumble in my pocket and bring out a tenner, Mrs Valestro pushes the money back at me.
'On the house,' she whispers.
The two of us thank her and pull our hats on, Honey still smiling like a Cheshire cat. We head back out into the snowy street.
'Why did we come out again?' Honey asks, linking arms with me.
'Mum wanted wholemeal flour and baking powder,' I reply. 'Plus marshmallows and honey and cocoa powder… we walked right past the shop!'
We turn around and head back to the grocery store, collecting everything we need and handing over the money. Outside again, we begin the ascent to Tanglewood. No longer are our ears cold; the hats hug tightly, keeping us warm. It doesn't take long to reach the top of the lane, but suddenly I don't want the walk to end.
'Hey… it was good to hang out with you, Honey,' I say. 'Walk in the snow. It was… sort of special!'
'We should do it more often,' she replies. 'It was fun. We can start a new tradition!'
My eyes blur suddenly with tears, but they're happy ones.
'I'm so glad you're back, Honey,' I whisper. 'Last year… well, nothing was the same without you. Never leave again, OK?'
'OK,' my big sister laughs.
We clasp hands and wander along the drive to Tanglewood, shopping in our arms and hats on our heads.

Cathy says:
I love this sweet, snow-themed fan fiction - and it was fun to add my own extra touches too! Hope you enjoyed it - COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Gorgeous :) very talented

  2. Beautifully written, deliciously sweet!

  3. I really enjoy reading these extra short stories. Cathy, do you add in the Alice in Wonderland bits? I noticed in the first short story, they're watching Alice in Wonderland and in this one she's smiling like the Cheshire cat. I know you're writing an Alice inspired book so was I right? :)



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