Monday 25 January 2016


CC books are translated into 28 different languages and enjoyed by readers all around the world... want to meet a few?

Prerana says:
I live in NEPAL and I am fourteen years old. My uncle used to live next door to us, but he had to move and when he moved he wanted to give me a gift as a farewell. He went to the book shop and asked for a good book for a teenage girl, and they suggested Cathy Cassidy's book SCARLETT. So I was given it as a gift and I read and loved the story very much. I became a crazy fan of Cathy Cassidy! I have now started reading more of the books though they are not always easy to find here! I love the characters. I am now finding out more about Cathy from the Facebook page and website and I plan to read many more books!

Rianne says:
I live in MALTA, which is an island in the Mediterranean. I love Cathy's books - they are so addicting! The first Cathy Cassidy book I read was SUMMER'S DREAM - I loved it so much and it is still my favourite! I really identified with Summer as I love music and have similar dreams to hers, but obviously with music not dance. I got the book from the school library where we have a whole shelf full of Cathy's books. I borrow CC books from the public library too, and I have started ordering the books online so I can have them to keep as well. Coco Caramel has just arrived, I cannot wait to start reading it! I could come up with many great adjectives to describe the books, but the best one I think is 'incredible'. My dream is that when I grow up, I will write books just like Cathy's!

Manon says:
I am fourteen and I live in France, and I've been a big fan of Cathy Cassidy books since I was ten. I discovered the first one thanks to a friend and I adored it straight away. I then began to collect the series LES FILLES AUX CHOCOLAT and look forward to the publication of every new book. I even have the French special editions and the casket edition and two of the graphic novels. Last year there was a book festival at Gradignan, just 15km from my home, and after it was finished I learned that Cathy had been there signing books. I had not known this and I was so disappointed! I love all of the sisters in the series, but I am attached particularly to Cherry for her sweetness and her kindness. Sometimes I even dream of going to meet the characters because I feel I know them so well! I am happy to speak out for the French people who read and love Cathy Cassidy's books. I hope she will go on writing and I wish her lots of luck!

Cathy says:
I love getting emails, FB messages and letters from readers all around the world... it amazes me that people are reading and loving the books all around the world! Are YOU a CC reader who lives outside the UK? If you'd like to be featured on DREAMCATCHER, just email via the 'email Cathy' link over on - and do COMMENT BELOW to have your say on this feature!


  1. My friends went to France and bought your books so obviously they read your books in France. And in America, they have all of your books there ( my cousins love your books - they bought them in America when I suggested some holiday reads) Your a worldwide author Cathy! :) :D x

  2. Found your fabulous books in Canada, now living in UK and have collected them all!!!



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