Thursday 21 January 2016


Did you know that there is no law or rule to make sure that schools have a library? Reader Ribh argues that school libraries should be the heart of EVERY school... 

Ribh says:
Literacy is so important in our world and it is especially important for the future generation - that is why having school libraries is so vital! Libraries provide free access to all. They are a place for pupils to go to research and learn which is so important in a school. Libraries are free to all, which means that everyone has an equal shot at life - everyone has the chance to use the library resources (which include magazines, newspapers, careers information, board games, crafts, access to information databases and computers.)

Some pupils don't get the chance to use these types of resources out of hours... perhaps they are busy, not comfortable going to a public library or perhaps there is no public library nearby for them to use. Pupils may not be able to afford to buy the kind of resources a library has. Whatever the reasons, in the school library everyone is equal. A school library closes the gap between rich and poor, making it easier for pupils to be whatever they want to be when they grow up, no matter what their social background may be. Surely the UK should be encouraging this, not stopping it!

I personally believe that libraries should be encouraged and I believe that the school library is the heart of a school. Without them, schools would not be the same. Libraries promote reading and encourage pupils to reach for their dreams, perhaps even to be writers and illustrators themselves! Libraries are a place where pupils feel comfortable and accepted, a place where pupils think a lot about their futures. They are also a space where pupils who like some quiet time to relax and not worry about school stress! School libraries, to me, are the best places in the school. If they go, a school loses its heart, its atmosphere and love. That is why school libraries are so important!

Top pic: Ribh pictured with Cathy at a book signing in 2015.

Cathy says:
I agree with Ribh... and I know that my readers care very much about libraries, too. Does YOUR school have a library? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. My school library has an Alice In Wonderland theme to it and it was transformed from a plain, boring room into a whole new world! It looks really creative all around the room and I love visiting it!

  2. This is so true... I always feel like libraries are so excited, to me they're like a treasure trove to discovering new books and I like sitting in the library with my friends. I also agree with the thing about public libraries, I personally feel more comfortable going to the school library. We do have a library, yes, which is this really amazing modern building with heaps of windows, bright furniture, and tons of books. Great post, Ribh! Also Cathy I noticed it says earn instead of learn in the first paragraph xxx

  3. This is great.... I agree. My academy school says use the library once a month , whether to do homework , read or use the computers. Its easy to not use it but even easier to use it if its in school. I agree with Ribh! ��;) x

  4. This is so true! Taking away libraries from schools is like taking away a magical world. Great post x

  5. I love going to my school library it is really relaxing



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