Wednesday 6 January 2016


Reader Elizabeth tested out the vintage collar project from CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS… and the results are pretty awesome! Take a look!

Elizabeth says:
I got the CC book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS for Christmas, and loved it straight away. I decided to make the vintage collar project to start with… it was really fun to make and only took me a couple of hours to do! I used the instructions direct from the book, as they were very clear and easy to follow.

I snipped the collar off an old school shirt… my brother let me use one of his… and started sewing! My mum gave me some lace which I sewed round the edge and I did a running stitch along the top in a matching thread. I love the way it looks… it's very cool and vintage and I can't wait to start wearing it to brighten up my winter jumpers!

I love how you can customise the collars to suit your own personal style - you could make some amazing ones with mix-matched buttons or beads, or even embroider the collar with colourful threads to get this year's folk-art look! I really enjoyed making the collar and it was very easy to do. The instructions in the book were very clear and gave me some great creative ideas! CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is packed with other fun projects, too… I can't wait to try more!

Artwork by Erin Keen, from CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS; photos thanks to Elizabeth!

Cathy says:
CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is a book that arty, creative and fashionista readers will love all year round… it has tons of crafty, arty, foodie and fashion-y projects to follow, all brought to you by the Tanberry-Costello sisters themselves! A must-have for any fan of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, and for anyone with a cool or arty streak! I love Elizabeth's version of the vintage collar! Do YOU have an arty/ crafty/ foodie project to share? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Thank you! It was really fun to make xx

  2. I got the book a while ago and really wanted to do this make but I didn't have anything for it =( This year I'm hoping to do it.

  3. Wow looks amazing!!!
    Can't wait to try it myself and it sounds super easy!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  4. you did an awesome job Beth. thanks for putting it up Cathy. i'd love to see more vintage and history related stuff put up as well in future.

  5. luvv it Beth so stylish



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