Sunday 31 January 2016


Reader Lori has devised a fab quiz to find out which season of the year is just right for you! What are you waiting for? 

1. Your alarm goes off at 7am... do you:
a/ Pull the covers over your head and snuggle down for as long as you can?
b/ Jump up, take a quick shower and go for a morning run through the park?
c/ You're already up, having a lazy breakfast in the garden!
d/ You get up grudgingly... 7am is too early!

2. What snack would you choose mid-morning?
a/ Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!
b/ A fresh fruit smoothie for energy!
c/ An ice cream... decadent but gorgeous!
d/ A blueberry muffin!

3. What colours are your favourites?
a/ Cream and crimson...
b/ Greens, pinks and blues...
c/ Rich yellow, white and turquoise...
d/ Golden brown, burnt orange and mustard yellow...

4. What style of clothes are you most drawn to?
a/ Anything with a luxe feel and fabrics like cashmere, velvet and silk.
b/ You choose sporty, practical styles where possible.
c/ Cute little dresses, ultra-short shorts and crop tops.
d/ Romantic, boho styles with lots of layers and flowing fabrics.

5. Footwear... what would you choose?
a/ Sounds crazy, but fluffy slippers are your absolute favourite!
b/ Trainers - a nice design, sure, but they have to be practical.
c/ Strappy sandals with a bit of glitz!
d/ Suede boots with tassels and a bit of folk-art detailing.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
a/ To Lapland, to see the land of the midnight sun, stroke a reindeer and sleep in an ice-hotel!
b/ To Ireland or the Scottish highlands, to explore the lush green scenery and climb some mountains!
c/ To Tenerife or Barbados to do some serious sun worshipping!
d/ To Rome, Barcelona or Paris... a cool citybreak!

7. Later, you are planning to:
a/ Veg out at home with friends, watching movies and eating pizza.
b/ Go to your dance class, then meet some mates to plan tomorrow's adventures.
c/  Party - life is for living!
d/ Curl up at home, read a book and dream...

Mostly a... you are a WINTER person, happiest snuggled up in the warm sipping hot chocolate, taking a brisk walk through the crisp snow or building a snowman with friends! You're warm, loving and caring with a great sense of fun!
Mostly b... you are a SPRING person, full of energy and enthusiasm! You're always on the go and love spending time outside - you're sporty, but have a real love of nature also. Friends describe you as adventurous, brave, happy and loyal.
Mostly c... you are a SUMMER person, a real sun-worshipper who loves luxury, style and new experiences. You are outgoing, confident and always the life and soul of any friendship group... you know what you want and others respect you for it!
Mostly d... you are an AUTUMN person, gentle, romantic and a bit of a dreamer! You sometimes seem shy, but that's because you live a lot in your imagination, and friends value your kindness, creativity and quirky approach to life!

Cathy says:
Ooh, fascinating! Were you mostly a, b, c or d? Or a mixture? I was mostly AUTUMN... and it's definitely partly true! COMMENT BELOW to let me know how accurate YOUR results are!


  1. Yes I too am definitely an Autumn lass. This quiz was spookily accurate!
    Well done quiz creator!

  2. I'm d! Autumn - the description describes me perfectly :)

  3. I got autumn, and as much as I love the colours and smells, I'd say I'm much more of a spring/summer girl...

    ~Emily x

  4. fun quiz, I got mostly b Spring........hmmmm not sure about full of energy!!!! I got a lot of a's too though most like Winter I think for me!! hot chocolates ETC
    (Sophie mair)

  5. I'm a and d, which suits me perfectly =D

  6. Spring for me. Some of the answers didn't appeal to me at all so I had to go for the closest answer. I suppose I do quite like spring, it's not as uncomfortably hot as summer but not as cold and dark as autumn and winter. Plus several people who have hurt me suffer from hayfever and there's lots of pollen in spring - mwah ha ha! And growing up in a farming town, spring has always meant cute little lambs to me! They're so little and fuzzy.

  7. Winter and Autumn. I always thought I was a summer person, but when I read what it says about Winter and Autumn I thought the descriptions sounded a lot like me!

  8. (mainly)Summer and Winter(in second place)- two completely different seasons but I do love them both! :D

  9. I had mostly d and the description is very accurate for me! I might aswell live in my head, for all I daydream!!!

  10. Autumn- and so true!

  11. Autumn... true. ��

  12. Autumn... Yeah. I think I relate to it a lot.I daydream and imagine so much. I like my own fantasy world more than reality!

  13. I took the quiz and I am Autumn! Yippeeeee!!!!!



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