Saturday 2 January 2016


Skye Tanberry looks into the future and predicts your horoscopes for the brand new year ahead! Is YOUR prediction accurate?

Make an effort to show your friends how much you value them and keep life exciting by planning fun activities and adventures. Life is what you make it, so be sure to make it good! Step away from negative people who bring you down or undermine you. This is a great year to change your life and achieve your dreams... make a list of what you'd like to do and plan the first steps. The stars are on your side!

2016 looks set to be a happy, sociable year for you - pace yourself as the fun unfolds, or you may end up running out of energy! You're a caring person, so get involved in helping the causes that matter to you, raising funds or spreading the word. The last quarter of the year looks like being a great time to take up a new sport or exercise - you may end up becoming an expert!

The first part of the year is the ideal time to break bad habits and decide how you'd like your life to look in the year ahead... and start putting new plans into action. You may have to work hard to achieve your goals, but this year you'll have the energy and determination for that. Take time out for fun with friends and family - a gathering later in the year could change your life for the better if you are brave enough to let your talents shine!

2016 doesn't look like being the year when you will make your fortune, but money isn't everything. Friends, family and work are all looking good, but if you hit a patch of trouble try doing something creative to banish the worries and stress... baking, painting or making music could all help! You like being active and sporty, so make time to escape to the great outdoors now and then - it will re-charge those batteries better than anything else.

2016 is all about compromise and finding ways to work with others... even if they are sometimes demanding, remember it is only because they care about you! Learning to work well as a team will enhance your relationships and deepen friendships, so give it all you can. An unexpected crush will occupy your thoughts during the start of the year and a new friendship with someone living close to you could open up new opportunities to you.

The year starts on a high with good news linked to either friends or family, but as the year goes on take care not to get carried away by news brought by others... until you're sure it's true, stay cautious! Take care of your health - eat healthy foods and take regular exercise and not only should you stay super-fit but you may just make a whole new bunch of friends!

This is a year of big ideas and inspirations for you... make the most of it! Your creativity is working overtime and it's a year that could see you taking big strides towards a possible future career. It may be something you have never considered before, too! Balance out the ideas and the hard work with relaxation and fun and you're looking at one of the best years you've had in quite a while!

You like a quiet, peaceful life, so stay away from drama-queen types and those who bully or argue about everything... positive, fun-loving friends are what you need. You're beginning to realise that success is not about fame and fortune but about reaching your own goals and being the best you possibly can. You're growing up... and building a great future for yourself. Be proud!

You will be full of energy and enthusiasm in 2016 - the perfect time to study, revise or pursue a new hobby or sport, because you will be able to give it everything you've got. There may be a few problems to deal with along the way, but if you take things slowly and calmly you will be able to rise to the challenge.

You put a lot into everything you do... be careful you don't work too hard, or play too hard either. Balance is key! One way to achieve this is to limit computer/ mobile time and instead make lots of time for face to face friendship and chat. Taking up a new creative hobby in the spring could lead to a whole new talent!

In the past, you have sometimes been easily led - don't play along with others for sake of it, especially if you feel unsure of what's happening. Listen to your own instincts and have the courage to do what is right for you - following your heart may lead to a new friendship or romance in the summer which could be life-changing!

Sometimes, your sensitive nature means that you worry too much about the world - and the people - around you. Soul searching is fine, but not if it makes you feel anxious or low. Make a point of writing a daily list of things you are grateful for - you may end up turning your whole attitude around. Animals are going to be important to you in 2016 - a new pet perhaps? 

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  1. Hello Cathy Cassidy! You're probably not going to read this but you have inspired me to write my own stories! Not that they'll ever get published but whenever I need an idea for a story I always have a look at your stories and then continue from there! Thank you!



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