Thursday 31 December 2015


What are YOUR resolutions for 2016? Readers share their hopes, dreams and plans for the brand new year!

Carly says:
I am promising myself I will break my bad habit of eating lots of junk food, especially chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks, because I don't think they are good for my skin or my health. I am going to eat lots more fruit and drink a lot of water, and I might try to do regular exercise as well, and I hope I see a big difference as a result of all that!

Daria says:
I am going to go veggie on January 1st. I have been mostly veggie for about six weeks, with just a bit of fish on special occasions like Christmas, so I am confident I can do this. I am doing it for me, for the animals and for the planet… bring it on!

Jessica says:
I am going to make a study plan and stick to it, because this year I have big exams. I am not looking forward to it exactly but it is something I have to do, because it is my future and I want as many options open to me as possible.

Liz says:
I will keep striving to get my novel published and to generally have a positive outlook on life. I'd like to travel more too, and do lots of blogging.

Esme says:
My resolutions are: Stop annoying the cat; get a hobby (possibly ukelele lessons); learn more about giraffes; be more socially active and get out of the house more!

Hazel says:
They're more goals than resolutions… I want to pass my Grade 8 flute and piano exams (preferably with a distinction) and to improve in my music aural. It'd be great to post and review on my book blog more and start some new activities. If 2016 is as great a year as 2015, then I will be happy!

Jo says:
There are lots of things I want to change about my life and the New Year is a great time to begin because it symbolises new beginnings. I have never bothered much with resolutions before but this time I will make these things happen because I am very motivated to make a better life. I have a list of ten resolutions and I am looking forward to taking control of my life!

Carina says:
I think New Year is a good time to change things that need changing because it is a fresh start, and every year I like to set myself a challenge. Most of the time I manage to meet the challenge! This year my plan is to learn Spanish and travel to Spain to stay with my Nan who has just moved out there. I am really looking forward to it!

Cathy says:
I love the ritual of letting go of the old year and welcoming the new... and yes, I have plenty of resolutions too! What are YOUR New Year's resolutions? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I have quite a lot of new year's resolutions...

    1. Pass grade 4 piano
    2. Participate in February Album Writing Month(a little like NaNoWriMo, but for songwriters!)
    3. Start on my music blog
    4. Make money from a craft project
    5. Regularly donate my old clothes, books and toys to charities

  2. My new years resolutions are to get back into healthy eating (I'm already vegetarian) as during Christmas I let that slip a bit. I'd also like to do more walking and explore more.

  3. Daria - I am veggie for all my life!
    Esme - I play ukulele and it's great!

    My new year resolution is play more of my piano

  4. I resolve to:
    1. eat more healthily
    2. Exercise more
    3. Revise more seriously for tests and exams
    4. commit more to what I do, music, DT, art and PE especially even though I hate those subjects!:/



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