Tuesday 22 December 2015


Christmas is a time for giving… but does that mean thinking just of our friends and family, or those who are really in need? Amy's cool idea has inspired me… it might just do the same to you!

Amy says:
I'm a working adult, not a teenager, but when financial problems hit earlier this year I moved back in with my parents, and I began to think about how lucky I was to have their unconditional support. I knew that when I asked them if I could come home they would say yes - they have always been there for me and, along with my amazing sister, we have always been a very close family. We always spend every Christmas together.

I began wondering what it might be like if I didn't have that support. I thought about the paths I would have chosen at different points in my life and what I'd have done without their guidance. And that got me thinking about the homeless people I see every day… people who may not have had that support or unconditional love. This may not have been their choice, but either way it doesn't matter - it is Christmastime and they're sleeping on the streets, alone.

That made me want to do something - just a token, so they know someone is thinking of them. I bought identical packages including a mini panettone, some sweets and thermal socks and wrapped them up, and this morning I gave them out. One girl who was sleeping rough was in the middle of being moved on by the police which was obviously upsetting, but I made sure she still got her present. I'm not sure what the police made of it, but the girl thanked me. I hope it made her feel less alone. Christmas is all about giving, isn't it, but sometimes we forget that, or forget to look beyond our family and friends. I am very glad I did this and glad I am lucky enough to have a loving, caring family; let's remember those who aren't so lucky this Christmas.

Cathy says:
I love Amy's inspiring idea… it's so simple, we could all do it, and there is still time before Christmas, too. Or, if you're reading this AFTER Christmas… do it anyway. For those living on the streets, every single day is a struggle. Your gift doesn't have to be much - just a chocolate bar would be welcome. Do check with family first and get them to come along with you if you're giving a present out - or, if you prefer, donate to your local food bank or children's charity. Do YOU do something for others at this time of year? Or perhaps all year round? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I'm far too socially anxious to approach anyone and besides, the homeless people around here never seem to hang around in places I frequent like the town centre. Nevertheless, I plan to spend all my leftover Christmas money (probably about £30) in Tesco on food - soup, tinned veggies, all sorts of stuff - plus cat food and deposit them all in the food bank box and Cats Protection food donation box that are by the door. We started this year in dire financial straits and we've had to consider selling the car and even the house. It's been a tough year so now we're getting back on our feet, I feel I should help those who weren't as lucky as us...even if it is just a bit of food, it will mean everything to hungry people and cats. So that's my new year's resolution. Well, that and learning to play the bass guitar!

    1. Good resolutions! Especially the second hahahaha!

    2. I agree hahahaha

    3. And what's your resolutions Teija?

  2. It's very touching how Amy describes the homeless life! In any case, me I'm always giving love, food and help to persons who need it!

  3. It is touching but we have no homeless people round here. That was a lovely idea. WELL DONE, amy! Christmas is about giving more than getting though getting is exciting. next time you moan about not getting the latest 3DS think about the people on the streets that don't even have a DS! not to mention food drink,light,warmth or medicine.



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