Saturday 26 December 2015


Think you're a Cathy Cassidy superfan? Settle down with a hot chocolate and a mince pie and try our fun quiz to see if you make the grade!

1. Which vintage-loving sister is given an old fashioned gramophone for Christmas?
2. Which CC character did the gramophone belong to BEFORE it was given to one of the Tanberry sisters?
3. Which two characters chase a dog through the snowy woods in the early hours of New Year's Day and find themselves on an unexpected rescue mission? (clue: the story is in Snowflakes & Wishes AND Life is Sweet…)
4. What is the name of the boy who puts a snowball down the back of Jude's neck in the book Sundae Girl?
5. What is the name of the boy Anya makes snow angels with in the book Angel Cake?
6. Who does Honey meet unexpectedly on the beach on Christmas Day in the book Sweet Honey?
7. What Christmas treat does Honey make in the book Sweet Honey and what happens to it?
8. Which two characters go Christmas shopping with Honey in Sydney?
9. Name two CC characters who would never eat turkey at Christmas!
10. What is the name of the cafe where Summer and Jodie meet just before Christmas? (clue: the story is in Hopes & Dreams AND Life is Sweet!)
11. Who is the unexpected customer who admires the window display in the cafe on Christmas Eve in the book Angel Cake?
12. Which DVD do Jude and her family always watch on Christmas Day in Sundae Girl?
13. What part does Summer play in the Christmas ballet production in the book Summer's Dream?
14. What is the name of the cafe where Ash works over the Christmas holidays in Sweet Honey?
15. Which Chocolate Box Girls character shows you how to make a vintage papier mache tree fairy in the non-fiction book Chocolate Box Secrets?
16. Dizzy's mum always cooks her a fab family dinner at Christmas: true or false?
17. What do the Tanberry-Costello sisters do with their Christmas lists the week before Christmas?
18. Which Chocolate Box Girls sister shares her recipe for the best ever luxury hot chocolate in Chocolate Box Secrets?
19. Name three of the unexpected guests who visit Anya's family on Christmas Eve in the book Angel Cake….
20. Which two relatives do the sisters Skype on Christmas Day in the book Marshmallow Skye?

Cathy says:
Some very tough questions! Tot up YOUR scores and COMMENT BELOW to tell me how you've done! (You're allowed to check with the books!) 


  1. This year, Cathy, can you do a post with the answers about a week after? It's so irritating to not know wether you're correct or not, and the answers would be nice to know for a few of these. :-)

  2. Yes! that is a very good plan, as I enjoyed this quiz. Cathy,I enjoyed meeting you in October. Remember the two sisters who privately met you in the café before your talk in the Atkinson library? I'm the younger one.

  3. Got them all right :-)



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