Saturday 5 December 2015


Reader Kellie has some tips on how to throw the kind of Christmas party that gets remembered for all the RIGHT reasons!

Kellie says:
When you're five years old, parties are a doddle. Your mum sorts out egg sandwiches, cubes of cheese on a stick, birthday cake, jelly and ice cream… you just have to turn up and enjoy. There might be party games and someone might cry because they miss out on a prize in pass-the-parcel, but things are fairly simple and just about everyone has fun. Fast forward eight or ten years and things are a LOT more complicated… and jelly and ice cream just doesn't cut it any more.

I have a great group of friends and I am quite sociable, so I like having get togethers. I have also been to some painfully bad parties in recent years… so here is my guide on what to do and what NOT to do if you're getting together with friends this Christmas!

DO hold a sleepover party if you want something manageable… lots of fun but very informal, and girls-only which makes things a little simpler. Think pizza, movies, make-overs, late night hot chocolate and lots of whispered secrets. Invite your best friends and plan things out in advance so there's plenty to do.

DON'T leave out good friends… they'll be hurt and confused. Better a big sleepover with everyone in sleeping bags on the bedroom floor than making it exclusive and hurting someone's feelings.

DO push the boat out for a big party. Ask parents if you can use the house as a venue and draw up a guest list everyone agrees on… lots of close friends, some acquaintances and maybe a couple of people you don't know well but would like to.

DON'T ask everyone in your school… that's just asking for chaos.

DO make sure there's lots of food and alcohol-free drinks. Decorate and make it really festive! Ask a parent or older sibling to be around to keep an eye on things… you may feel it's not cool to have then hanging out in the background, but teen parties can get out of hand and it makes sense to have back-up!

DON'T turn a blind eye if people try to bring in alcohol… there is no faster route to disaster. Get a parent to keep an eye on this so you don't have to be a party-pooper.

DO make a party playlist or ask a friend to DJ and throw in some Christmas favourites to get everyone in the mood. If you have friends in a band, ask them to do a guest slot!

DON'T turn the music up too high, especially as it gets late. Angry neighbours and the police turning up on your doorstep is the last thing you need!

DO consider having a different kind of party…
A skating party at the ice rink with chips in the cafe afterwards…
A swimming party at the pool, again with a cafe party after…
A vintage themed tea party…
A fancy dress themed party…

DON'T be too anxious about making everything perfect - it's your party, you are supposed to enjoy it!

Cathy says:
You'll find some great cool and quirky ideas for parties in my book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS… check it out! Have you held a teen party - or been to one? Do you have any tips or disaster stories to share? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I went to a party once in Year 6, three years ago. It was the girls birthday party. And she had arranged to have us all get our nails and hair done by a family friend. But the only issue was that nobody wanted to get their hair or nails done (we were all, and still are tomboyish!!) The one girl that did do it got burnt with a curling iron 3 TIMES!!!! Also the birthday girl had invited two girls who were sworn enemies and they argued all night... In the end we all sat in stiff silence watching a kiddie film... Let's just say it was a relief to leave!!!

  2. Great tips! Only problem is can't have sleepovers:)

  3. These are great tips! I once had a sleepover with 9 girls and it actually went really well!

  4. I have 2 more tips. don't leave your lil sis or brother out cos' they could moan. Also it is fun to dress up!



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