Sunday 20 December 2015


What do YOU love most about Christmas? Readers share their favourite things about the festive season!

Louise says:
On Christmas Eve we spend the day watching old Christmas movies and we have a special meal in the evening, because my Gran was German and it was a tradition for my mum when she was growing up too. We leave out mince pies and whisky for Santa and hang up our stockings and in the morning we are allowed to open our stocking gifts early, which is always exciting. My brother and sister are four and seven so it can be an early start to the day! Once we get up properly, we open the family presents and then people start to arrive… Gran and Grandad, my aunties, the cousins, and a neighbour who always comes to us. I think this year there will be eighteen of us. Mum does a traditional turkey dinner and the aunties bring puddings and side dishes so it's not just us having to cook. The afternoon is all about board games and eating too much Christmas chocolate and Grandad always falls asleep in front of the TV. I love Christmas… it's pure magic!

Kym says:
I like the build up to Christmas… the special markets and the events, and shopping for Christmas presents!

Sophie says:
Spending time with family and friends, buying presents and seeing how much love there is in the world!

Katie says:
I like how everyone gets to feel special, because you're giving presents and everyone is in the same room, having fun together. I love seeing the smiles on people's faces!

Kirsty says:
I love the build up to Christmas more than anything. Just this afternoon we were singing along to Mariah Carey 'All I want For Christmas' in the car at full volume! Brilliant… it's the best time of the year!

Deborah says:
The spirit of giving is the best thing about Christmas. I love the fact that everyone becomes so generous and there is all this happiness around you. It also feels good to see people who don't usually smile loosen up and laugh!

Jessica says:
Midnight mass and then having all day to curl up and read CC books!

Izzy says:
We don't go to church every week but we do go at Christmas. We wear our new Christmas clothes and join in with all the carols and when we come home we are all allowed to open one present each from under the tree. The next is the laziest day of the year but we love it… who doesn't love the magic of Christmas?

Today's awesome illustration is by reader Laura… thank you!

Cathy says:
I love Christmas too… and I agree, it's magical! What's YOUR fave part of Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to tell us!


  1. That drawing is gorgeous xx

  2. I like it all. My fave bit is probably in the morning when we climb into our parents bedroom with our stockings. We don't keep our presents under the tree,but in unique piles. One for me, one for mum and so on. We laze about playing and then go to nan's. We get to bring a present. We meet our cousins and play for about 2 hours, We stay the longest, then have roast turkey and choco trifle with custard or ice-cream.

  3. I love Christmas I can never sleep on Christmas Eve as I'm so excited for the morning to come x



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