Monday 28 December 2015


Which Chocolate Box Girl are YOU most like? Take our fun, festive quiz and see which sister you have the most in common with this holiday season!

1. My best Christmas prezzie this year was…
a/ A pink seashell necklace from a certain boy...
b/ It wasn't a prezzie, but I found a stray kitten in the snow on Christmas Eve...
c/ One of my sisters got me a vintage lace top with a really Victorian vibe. Love it!
d/ A blank notebook… I already have plans for things to write and draw!
e/ Having the coolest boy in the world to stay over Christmas…

2. If I could have one wish for 2016, it would be…
a/ To find the confidence I've lost over the last couple of years once more.
b/ An end to cruelty to animals and destruction of the earth's resources. Think Green!
c/ I would give anything to have a time machine… sigh!
d/ Peace on Earth. Cheesy, but I mean it… fighting solves nothing.
e/ To ace my exam results because then I can (hopefully) follow my dream.

3. My favourite way to celebrate Christmas and New Year is…
a/ Quietly, at home, with the people I love most around me.
b/ We sometimes have a beach bonfire on New Year's Day… anything outdoors suits me!
c/ A log fire roaring, old fashioned Christmas songs playing, fab food and my wonderful family. What could be better?
d/ At one of the awesome parties my family puts on… with half the village here!
e/ C'mon… this is the party season! You HAVE to get out there and have fun! Party hard… it's the festive season!

4. For our New Year's Eve party, I'll be wearing…
a/ The pink chiffony dress I got for Christmas...
b/ How do I know? Whatever comes to hand, probably jeans and a jumper!
c/ The vintage green velvet dress that once belonged to Clara Travers.
d/ Bright jeans, fringy boots and a cute tunic top with a quirky print.
e/ A cute mini dress, lacy tights and heels. You've got to dress up, right?

5. My New Year's Resolution will be...
a/ Be better, be stronger, reach for the stars...
b/ Save the world… it's the only one we've got!
c/ Believe in dreams… and trust to fate!
d/ Be thankful for my fab family and all the love and friendship in my life.
e/ You can turn the toughest situation around if you really want to… and you can achieve your dreams. And best of all… you don't have to do it alone. I'm grateful for so much, this year.

The results! Count up whether you are mostly A, B, C, D or E and read on…

Mostly A's… you're very like Summer Tanberry, a girly girl with big dreams. You're a hard worker and very organised, and you value friends and family above all things because they've stuck by you through some very difficult times.

Mostly B's… your festive soul sister is definitely Coco Tanberry, the youngest Chocolate Box Girl. Like Coco, you are animal crazy and determined to change the world. You have strong feelings about injustice and cruelty and big plans to make the world a better place. You're also a bit of a tomboy and love being outdoors!

Mostly C's… you're just like Skye Tanberry, quiet, kind, creative, dreamy... and vintage crazy! You're hooked on history and mystery and have at least one foot in the past, but everyone loves your gentle nature and dreamy outlook!

Mostly D's… you're very like Cherry Costello, the most imaginative of the sisters. You value family very highly as you haven't always had a close family unit and you know how much it matters. You've had your share of conflict, too, so you are a bit of a peace maker these days!

Mostly E's… you're like Honey Tanberry, the once-wild-child eldest sister who still has a streak of rebel running through her! Like Honey, you've learned the hard way that the only person who can turn things around is YOU. You're a strong person and you can achieve your dreams… stay focused and make 2016 the best year ever!

Illustrations by the awesome ERIN KEEN from the book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS.

Cathy says:
Which sister are YOU most like? COMMENT BELOW to have your say and tell me if you'd like more quizzes in the future and read more about the Tanberry-Costello girls in THE CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, or in CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS!


  1. Mine was Coco Tanberry.SOOO happy! I admire Coco's determination and I ADORE her story!

    #sweetreats xxx

  2. By, not byt. And I got one of each (d, c, a, d, e) so am I like each of the sisters or completely unlike any of them?

  3. I'm Cherry Costello!!! Yay!

  4. This was a great quiz, I got Skye. ❤️
    Recently on my blog I uploaded a post on self confidence and loving yourself for who you are as part of the 'project you campaign' by laurawbu. It's a great cause and easy to get involved if you wanted to have a look xx❤️

  5. I got Summer. when I read the results I was so suprised as the results were very accurate. This is a great quiz. I hope that there will be more quizes like this in the future on your blog. XxX

  6. even though not a tomboy I love outdoors and animals, suprise surprise so I got all B's. I have not yet read coco caramel but want to try it. GO GO COCO!

  7. I'm a bit like all the sisters, I love to write and I am imaginative like cherry,I like a bit of girliness and perfection sometimes like summer,I love vintage styles like lace tops,I'm quite dreamy and I love shopping like Skye,I'm not a tomboy but I love the outdoors,animals nature and dream of world peace like coco and I'm not that much like honey but I still stand for what I believe in and I do rebel when I want yeah, I have a bit of everything, I guess its good to be individual right:-)

  8. Hi I really like the book fortune cookie and sweet honey but on the quiz, I was Summer which I didn't mind at all because she is an amazing character

  9. I got Coco Tanberry!!!! We are so alike. I adore every animal and would love to change the world. (If only people would listen). The Northern White Rhino will be extinct before I will have a chance to save it! :( There are 3 left, one is a male and the others are female. All are to old to breed. Its so sad! :( :( :(

  10. I got Honey and then Summer, which I think are both perfect for me.

  11. I got coco
    Love the way she saves the animals �� �� ����������



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