Sunday 13 December 2015


Have YOU got a favourite Christmas jumper? Cathy - and her readers - share their best and cosiest festive fashions!

Cathy says:
OK… a blast from the past here! I loved this jumper to bits and wore it long after Christmas was over! I was five or six in the photo, and this was my official school picture… the year after I was wearing the same jumper again, underneath a gymslip! I thought the jumper was soooo cool… I loved the red colour, too. My skirt was a blue, knitted, pleated one and the grey socks and black plimsols were school uniform. They didn't seem to mind the jumper, though! The ribbon was an attempt to liven up my much-hated 'Beatles' haircut. That's why I wear my hair long now, although I still wear a ribbon sometimes!

Sophie says:
I love my Christmas jumper because when I come in from school, I can put on my jumper, have a cup of tea and relax for a while and forget school and all its troubles. My jumper makes me feel happy, comfy and safe.

Harley says:
I'd have a Christmas jumper if I could! I've dreamt of OTT Christmas jumpers. hot chocolate by the fire and a white Christmas morning, but sadly unless the magnetic poles (and thereby the hemispheres) are reversed, us Aussies will just have to dream!

Jennie says:
My Christmas jumper is gorgeous, a fluffy red one with two little reindeers on it. I picked it out myself… everyone in the family gets to choose something special to wear for Christmas, but then we have to put them away until Christmas Eve. They are the very first prezzies we open, and once those jumpers are on I know that Christmas has really begun!

Ruadhan says:
I didn't have a Christmas jumper this year but I really wanted one. Instead of wasting money on one from the shops, I decided to sew a bunch of Christmas decorations onto one of my plain jumpers. I love it because it's unique and nobody else has one like it… and after Christmas I can unpick the stitches and turn it back into a plain jumper again!

Grace says:
If I had a Christmas jumper, I'd like it to be plain white with a slogan that says 'This is my Xmas jumper'! I think that would be really cool!

Cathy says:
These are fab… I don't really bother with Christmas jumpers anymore, but I still remember that little red one with the ski motif from long ago… now if I could just find one like it in an adult size! Do YOU have a Christmas jumper? COMMENT BELOW to tell us about it!

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  1. This is easy as I only have one. My friends are like "you wear that every time!" but it's a waste of money buying a new one. my friend used to have a lot but each year one didn't fit her. Mine is red with a cute little 3D Santa at the front. My sister's has Olaf on it, the snowman from the movie 'frozen' with plain little snowmen up the sleeves.



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