Sunday 27 December 2015


In France, where the Chocolate Box Girls series is super-popular, there is a French version of the UK's CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS but with totally different content and artwork… I thought I'd share one of the projects for you,  in English, of course!

Summer says:
When you dance a lot, as I do, leg warmers are brilliant for keeping the muscles warm and supple while you are working. They're also really cosy for winter days, and my thrifty sister Skye came up with a very cool way to make them using recycled or worn out jumpers… it's really easy!

Skye says:
So, the first thing you need is an old jumper that you don't want or wear anymore. Check with a parent that it's OK to use it, because once you start chopping it up there is no going back! If you don't have anything suitable, a jumble sale is a great source of unwanted jumpers… just take your pick of patterns and colours, all for pennies!

OK… once you have your jumper, take a pair of large, sharp scissors and chop the arms off. Lay the two arms out alongside each other and make sure they are even in length, and that the cut edge is straight - don't chop them on a slant! Next, you need to turn over the raw (cut) edge and roll it inwards, to the 'wrong' side of the fabric, to make a hem. Thread a needle with fine cord elastic (it looks just like thick cotton thread but is stretchy - needlework shops and haberdashers will stock it!). Stitch the hem neatly.

Thread a large-eyed needle with thin ribbon in a pretty colour, and run this around the cut end of the leg warmers just beneath the hem, in a large running stitch as seen in the pictures. You want to see the ribbon - and tie a bow on each leg warmer to complete. Easy, huh?

Summer says:
You can wear the leg warmers two ways… with the ribbed cuff at the bottom and the ribbon ties at the top, shown left; or the other way up, shown above, with the bows at your ankles. You could even have ribbons at top and bottom if you want! Leg warmers are so cosy at this time of year, and look great too… plus, if you love dance as much as I do, they're an essential. With this easy up-cycling project you can make some to go with every outfit… and get the most out of every pretty jumper you have. I like pretty, lacy knits but Aztec prints and patterns look just as cool… it's up to you!

Cathy says:
Wow… I love this project, and I love that it re-uses a garment you might otherwise throw away. Do YOU have a cool fashion fix or a crafting project we could use on DREAMCATCHER? Email me via the 'email Cathy' link on or COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. That is so cool I want to try that! ��

  2. "Think ribbon"? You probably mean thick ribbon. Easy mistake to make.
    There's a craft project I've been meaning to try but I never seem to get around to it - turning an unused T-shirt or top into a cushion. You just need some sort of padding to stuff the cushion and a needle and thread to sew the item of clothing shut at the neck, sleeves and bottom. I have quite a few T-shirts and hoodies I've grown out of but don't want to get rid of because they're so awesome and this is a good way to reuse them. And for lazy people like me, a cushion is very useful! The only problem I have with approaching this project is that I can't actually sew. Which is not ideal for someone who wishes to customise and recycle clothes.

  3. I really like this craft project too! Can't wait to try it out!

    #sweetreats xxx

  4. this project sounds awesome and I cant wait to try it :)

  5. that sounds cosy. especially at winter. It is a cool project. Cathy, what do you think about making stylish, fashionable leg warmers? like, putting on sequins,and gems and pink lace? #stylishandcosy

  6. Can't wait to try making these and they seem super simple!!! First of all I have to have the courage to cut up one of my beloved jumpers!!! I'm way too sentimental!!!



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