Wednesday 2 December 2015


It's problem time again on DREAMCATCHER and reader Andrea has a problem for Coco Tanberry… will her advice meet with your approval?

Andrea says:
I used to be very good friends with a boy at primary school. We always had the best laughs and could talk to each other about anything, but he was in the year below me and when I moved up to secondary school we hardly ever saw each other and just stopped talking. I thought things would go back to normal when he started secondary too, but things haven't changed. If we pass in the corridor or bump into each other, it just seems so awkward. I want to be friends again but I don't know how! What can I do?

Coco says:
You know I am a very practical type of person, and my solution here is practical too. At the moment, you have no clue what is going on in this boy's head… it's no use guessing, you have to find out! Find a way to talk to him alone and tell him you miss his company. Ask how he's settled into secondary school and what's been going on since he saw you last. Tell him that having a boy-mate again would be brilliant. Hopefully, he'll thaw out a little and get over his shyness… fingers crossed! If he doesn't shake off the frosty attitude, shrug it off and let go, move on. It's sad when an old friend decides they don't want you in their life any more, but it's better to know than to go on hoping and worrying and wondering. If he's not going to be a cool boy-mate, someone else will - fix on that smile and make some new friends!

Cathy says:
Coco's no-nonsense approach to this problem is refreshing - and spot-on! Do YOU agree with Coco's advice? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more! If YOU have a dilemma for one of the sisters to solve, send it via the 'email Cathy' link on and mark your email DREAMCATCHER PROBLEM! What are you waiting for?


  1. Cathy I need help, my friend (i will call her Jas) keeps doing things, I don't know whether she should be doing them, whether thats how you treat a friend or not, basically she is treating me differently. She will interrupt me alot, and lately she keeps saying to me im horrible and mean to her. I don't get it. I know im probably annoying sometimes but Am I that bad!? She goes round telling people im horrible. She interrupts me. If I try and talk to her about it she goes weird and denies it. Or says its a joke but its not funny! What should I do? Is it not right? The way she's treat ing me?
    I changed my name for my own sake x

  2. Wow my situation is the same as Andreas, and i don't know what to do! COCO YOU ARE NOT HELPING!



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