Monday 14 December 2015


How do you pick the perfect CC book for your Christmas list? Easy… just check out these fab reader reviews!

Maya says:
FORTUNE COOKIE is another fabulous Cathy Cassidy creation… I'm recommending it to my friends, including one, Sarah, who has never read any CC books because it's obvious she'd enjoy it! It's a great way to finish the fabulous CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, but the twist is that this character, Cookie, is a boy! My favourite part is where Cookie and Cherry talk to each other about life, and I didn't like that Honey got offended by this but I thought it was realistic and how she would have reacted! My fave character was Cherry - why? Well, you see that Cherry is a very kind hearted person and you like her all the more because Honey is so mean to her… but will Honey finally make peace with her stepsister? You'll have to wait and see! I felt very involved with Cookie's story and I'm happy because not only do the sisters get a happy ending but Cookie gets a fresh start! It's definitely a five star book!

Amandeep says:
CHERRY CRUSH is a brilliant read. When Cherry Costello moves to Somerset her hopes of finding a better life come to a halt when she meets Honey, her fourteen year old stepsister - a pretty, blonde haired rebel. And then there's Honey's handsome boyfriend, Shay! Cherry knows he's bad news, but that doesn't mean she's going to stay away from him! As the two get closer, things get worse. Lies get you nowhere, just further from the truth, but will Cherry realise that before it's too late? This is a fantastic story about moving on to a new life and building a new family and new friends. It also teachers that life is tough, but that you have to deal with it. And CHERRY CRUSH is the first book in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, too, so you have a whole series of books to look forward to before you have to let go! Five stars… loved it!

Marisa says:
CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is the book I'd recommend to any CC fan… or any new readers, too. I love the whole CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series but this one is like an extra treat… and it's perfect for me! The book is divided into seasons and each sister share their favourite makes, crafts, fashions, recipes and things to do for that season. So, for example, Honey shares her recipe for the best hot chocolate in the world (I've tried it, it is to die for) and Skye shows you how to give your school uniform a cool vintage twist, and Summer shows you how to make a New Year's mood board (I am totally doing that in January.) I've also tried out Coco's friendship bracelet weaves and Cherry's idea for making Christmas crackers, and everything I have tried has worked out brilliantly. A perfect book for anyone creative or arty, or anyone who likes doing quirky stuff or even just baking treats. There's so much in it it will keep you busy all year! Five stars. I'd give it six if I could!

Cathy says:
Love these picks… and don't forget that my newest book, LIFE IS SWEET, is in the shops now! It has all the e-book shorts collected together in book form, PLUS an extra, exclusive story from Ash's point of view! A must-have for CHOCOLATE BOX GIRL fans. Which CC book would YOU most like for Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Chocolate Box Secrets because thats the only one i haven't read

    1. want to be friends? choco box secrets is good, I warn you. it's not a story but a craft and recipe book.

  2. Choco box secrets, driftwood or gingersnaps for me.

  3. I would probably want,either Angel Cake, Scarlett, Cherry Crush or Looking Glass Girls. Those are my favourites.

  4. chocolate box secrets or the whole series



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