Monday 21 December 2015


A dog is for life, not just for Christmas… but does YOUR pet get into the swing of things, or is he/she a festive nightmare? Readers share their pics and stories!

Sophie M says:
Actually, this para is from Peppy… he is two years old and has a younger rabbit sister, Poppy! Peppy is definitely my fluffy Christmas bunny, anyway!
Peppy says: 'Sophie came towards my cage with what looked like reindeer antlers… tartan ones! Maybe I can be the tartan reindeer and help guide Santa through the skies to deliver presents? I was still dreaming when Sophie took my photo. Well you never know… it might happen!'

Sophie F says:
I couldn't resist dressing my black labrador up a bit for Christmas. Not sure if he looks impressed! Santa's Little Yelper, right? #doggytryingtobefestive

Kellie says:
We tried to dress my dog Rusty up in antlers and tinsel…. let's just say it did not go well. He chewed the antlers when we weren't looking and broke them, and pulled the tinsel to bits and slobbered all over it! I think he is secretly a bit of a Christmas Scrooge!

Katie says:
Yikes… I don't need to get my dog Neo in the festive mood, he is doing it all by himself… shredding up his cushion to make 'snow'! Arghhh!

Jess says:
Our cats aren't the sort to tolerate being dressed up - in fact we have had to ban them from the living room as they seem determined to wreck the Christmas tree! We came home one day and the whole thing had fallen over, the tinsel and baubles everywhere. Oops! I have got them cat toys and treats for Christmas anyway, I don't hold a grudge!
Rebecca says:
This is my kitten Gerrard's first ever Christmas, so I had to make sure he enjoyed it in style! I think he likes his Christmas jumper, but he absolutely loved playing with all the tinsel!

Macie says: 
My pets are guinea pigs and I don't think they totally get what's happening… although the other day they seemed to be squeaking along in time to Slade's 'Here It Is Merry Christmas' on the radio! Who knows, maybe they have plans to decorate their cage and hang up guinea pig stockings? I have some Christmas treats for them on the big day anyway!

Cathy says:
My dogs aren't keen on being dressed up for Christmas, but it's hard to resist sometimes… do YOUR pets like Christmas? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I'm with Jess - my kittens were determined to wreck the Christmas tree. We had to ban them from the living room but their pitiful meowing at the door broke my heart so we've taken the tree down and decorated the mantelpiece instead. They're so naughty! Still getting Christmas gifts off me though. They're nightmares but I love them!

  2. Our kittens got a cute teddy, some Christmas balls and an early gift, two radiator beds! They love the beds best I reckon. They don't pay much attention to anything else. It was their first Christmas here, but they didn't knock down the tree and would hate being dressed up.
    However they still knock down other things.....




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