Tuesday 15 December 2015


Readers discuss the best and worst Christmas prezzies they've ever had in this feelgood festive post…

Kym says:
My stepbrother once bought me an Inspector Gadget DVD because I hate it and he loves it! My best present was a Playstation when I was fourteen. I really wanted one but didn't ask for one because I didn't think my mum could afford it.

Zoe says:
Family and friends are the best presents ever. Unfortunately, my mum passed away in 2008 so Christmas feels emptier each year. The best present I ever got was my dog, though!

Maya says:
I love all my presents… except socks. Not the best, really!

Hazel says:
Best presents… my phone, last year, and all the wonderful books I get from my parents. Worst? A ballroom dancing CD that went straight to the charity shop!

Callie says: 
I've had some great presents in the past, but the best has to be riding lessons. I unwrapped a present and it was a riding hat… that was the clue! I've been riding now for two years and I love it. The worst present… hmmm. A children's colouring book from an elderly neighbour who seems to think I'm still about five years old!

Maria says:
Best… a toy penguin when I was about six. It wasn't even expensive, I don't think, but I loved it for years and it still sits on my shelf. Worst… strawberry scented bubblebath from my gran. It smelled really sickly, and we don't even have a bath, just a shower!

Zarah says:
Most of my presents over the years have been lovely, but my favourite things are always the little things you get in your stocking… a candy cane, chocolate, glitter, silly stuff. The worst thing I was ever given was a pencil case from a 'friend' at school… it was the present I'd given her a few days earlier, re-wrapped. I think she must have forgotten I was the one who gave it to her!

Many thanks to the very talented LOTTIE who drew this fabulous illustration - thank you so much for letting me use it!

Cathy says:
Love these! I still remember some fab presents from my childhood… awww! What has YOUR fave Christmas present been? And your worst? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. tut tut tut Cathy, poor anonymous artist! Just kidding!

  2. I'd appreciate anything, even smelly socks, as are parents cannot buy everything we want and are not made of money. Family and friends are best, especially as we go to nan's and see our aunties, uncles and cousins.❤��������✳⛄��



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