Thursday 18 February 2016


Reader Emma shares a few home truths with her thirteen year old self in today's DREAMCATCHER post… a must-read!

Emma says:
The teenage years, It's that time in your life you spend your childhood waiting for - there is no feeling that compares to that build up to your thirteenth birthday, and that gut feeling that tells you nothing will be the same again. Here are some of the things I wish I'd known back then. Although knowing me, if someone had told me I'd have pretended I was 'too mature' to listen!

  • You can't always get what you want, but you don't necessarily get what you need either. Sometimes, you work hard and do everything right and things STILL don't work out. This is just one of life's hard truths. Don't worry, though - life still tends to throw some good things your way every now and then, too.
  • At age thirteen, the chances are you'll be at secondary school and learning to organise your study and revision skills, sometimes for a midterm exam that you KNOW is not going to benefit you in the future. It may be a pain, but you have to learn it anyway. Do it sooner rather than later. Studying in a panic, ten minutes before an exam, is not good. Nor is running away and starting over under an alias. Trust me, spare yourself the mental trauma and do the work!
  • You don't have to figure out who you are overnight! In most teen movies you've ever seen, the main character has a lightbulb moment where they 'find themselves'. Chances are that won't happen. You're more likely to work things out as you go along. Small things you don't take much notice of at the time can combine to make you who you are!
  • People who are remembered are often those who are kind to others. That's right - not the best dressed girl, the best looking boy, the most popular person, but the kindest. In twenty years time, the chances are you're going to remember the person who helped you when you were down, not the well-dressed but not-so-nice popular kid.
  • Have fun. It's OK to go a bit crazy. This is the stage of your life when you are allowed to  get a bit reckless at times and blame it on your age. That's OK! There's no moment when you will be expected to know everything and grow up on the spot. If we were meant to do that, we'd have been going to school seven days a week and working in an office at age fourteen!
  • The majority of people are morally good. Everyone has their own cross to bear and when you come across someone who seems less strong morally, don't let them get to you. No-one knows what happens behind closed doors, and you don't win points for fighting back. There will be times when your instinct tells you to do it, but trust me, when you fight fire with fire, all you end up with is a bigger fire!
Picture posed by reader ALICE - many thanks Alice!

Cathy says:
Fab advice from Emma as always… what do YOU wish you'd known at age thirteen? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I really like the bit you wrote, where you said 'when you fight fire with fire, all you end up with is a bigger fire.'
    However it was all good advice.Thank you!

  2. My babe at it again! well done Em!!!

  3. Sometimes I wish I could never ever be 13 because you end up talking to much about boys and skirts. Not that that's a bad thing, but I've never been one to worry about things like that. All I worry about is spots and if I ironed my tie for school the next day! I just... want to be a play full 11 year old kid who doesn't have to worry about heels or boys. I know that inside no one wants to grow up. Not really.

  4. I am 11 and dreading being 13 now!

  5. Good for you Freya! Thanks for reading my little piece about not wanting to be 13. If you keep up that sort of attitude you'll never grow up, only on the outside. Never grow up!!! R.B :-]

  6. I'm turning 13 in October and I wish that I could stay little forever. Growing up scares me.



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