Friday 19 February 2016


Do you like high heels? More to the point, can you walk in them? Readers share their love-hate relationships with high heeled shoes!

Kate says:
My favourite shoes are these blue suede platform sandals. I am not usually a high heels girl but platforms feel different - a bit less wobbly! They are very high - four or five inches - but the platforms under your feet make it seem less. Still, it took me a while to work out how to walk in them! My gran says everyone wore them in the 70s and I quite like the idea that I am being vintage when I wear them, but in a different way from the lace dresses and ballgowns style of vintage! The shoes make me feel tall (well, they would!) and powerful, and I love that they are so different and unique. I couldn't run for the bus in them, though - I'd probably break my ankles! They came from Afflecks Palace in Manchester which is three floors of awesome vintage and alternative fashion shops, and they cost £22 which is a bargain for the amount of times I have worn them and the compliments they've got. So I am not a high heels girl, but I AM a platform soles girl! They are the 'height' of cool!

Hazel says:
I'm not allowed to wear heels higher than two inches until I'm fourteen (almost there!) but I am definitely a fan. I'm not too keen on platform heels but I love stilettos - they just add elegance to every outfit! The colours and styles are amazing - I really fancy a pair of bright red heels!

Niamh says:
As much as I love my flats, I am just over five foot and my friends are all around 5' 8". I only really wear my heels on a night out, and even then I have to have a quick practice the day before. My highest pair are seven inches high with an inch and a half platform sole... true killer heels!

Rebecca G says:
I love my heels and wear them almost every day. They give me a sense of confidence. I can only wear about four inches though!

Rebecca T says:
I'm a disaster on heels! I had to have 4cm heels for prom... I could have had some gorgeous 8cm heels but I couldn't stand up in them. They'd have gone so well with my dress, too, and I'm really tiny height-wise so they'd have looked great. Ah well. I struggle not to trip over in trainers, let alone heels!

Annemarie says:
I wish I could walk in heels, but I just can't!

Holly says:
My dance shoes are the only high heels I'd really wear. I love them because they are so comfy (apart from right after a dance competition, when they really aren't!) and really pretty. The big bonus is that they make me 2.5 inches taller which is great when you're just 5' 4". As for normal heels, not a chance - they look pretty but they kill my feet until I take them off. Dance shoes excluded, I own two pairs of heels, my wedges and my prom shoes.

Grace says:
I can't walk in high heels. I can barely walk in a straight line in bare feet, so heels are a big no-no for me.

Violet says: 
Probably not, though I can't say I've tried! I wear platform boots but don't count them as they are still flat soled. High heels look uncomfortable and are not my style at all. Mum always suggests I try because I'm really short, but I don't see the point in looking taller if I spend most of my time face down on the floor or staggering around like Bambi!

Thanks to Kate, Niamh and Holly for the fab pics! Loving those shoes, too!

Cathy says:
I am hopeless... I have only had one pair of high heels, when I was sixteen. I wore them to a party and couldn't dance in them, then had to walk home in my stocking feet, carrying them... epic fail! I am strictly a flat boots kinda gal these days. Do YOU like heels? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I am never ever wareing heels. No can do. I'm more of a Doc Martin girl. Sorry. It's a no for the heel's! Xxx :-]

  2. You know those plastic shoes you get with every Disney Princess dress. Are those like a pair of heels. I suppose not. I'm not much of a heel girl. I like my comfy Rocket Dog Pumps!!!Xxxxxx R.B

  3. Trainers or flat boots for me! I don't like heels for me I tried to wear boots with a heel a few times when i was younger but they were so uncomfy and I realized it was not ME so I just wear what is comfy for me now and be myself I'm not really into fashion :)

  4. Despite the fact that i have all of the coordination of a walrus on dry land when i wear my heels, i do really want a pair of the Christian Louboutins that Alex Kingston wears as River Song in Doctor Who!

    I do have a pair of black suede heeled boots, which i love wearing and can actually walk in, but at the moment i can't wear them because i damaged the ligaments in my knee playing hockey and have to rest and not put any necessary weight on it :(

  5. I hate heels. I just cant wear them and they give me a lot of blisters so yeah, no thanks, I'm gonna stick with converse thanks

  6. I'm gonna say this to all the young girls in the world who are 8 and are bursting to just jump at the chance to ware a pair of platforms. Do not go dawn that road. I've been there, and it makes your feet red. I say stick to a good old pare of Rocket Dogs or High Tops. Just ware heels to impress your friends. Other then that, heels just aren't... well... comfy enough.

  7. I just can't be bothered - I have some black ones and for a while I was crazy about them. But now, I can't be bothered. I like to run and climb trees and I never wear skirts or dresses. I skateboard along my favourite promenade with bare feet in shorts and t-shirt - I'm not much of a glam princess! :D I can walk in heels but thet hurt!!



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