Saturday 6 February 2016


Cathy says:
Today, Saturday 6th February, is National Libraries Day and I will be in Exeter talking to some fab readers! Then, on Tuesday 9th I will be at Westminster to join in with the Speak Up For Libraries lobby of parliament. Seems like the perfect chance to share some library love from my awesome readers...

Emily says:
Libraries mean that no matter what your background is, you can still be equal. Anyone can read great literature for free. I spent most of my primary years completing reading challenges and finding new books and authors... the staff are always so helpful and polite and have a real passion for books. The library is where I found my first CC book, Scarlett!

Beth says:
Libraries are my safe haven - you can let your imagination run wild and learn loads. You can take ages choosing your books and once you've read them you can't wait to return them and get some more! Libraries mean a lot to me as I love reading, and me and my best friend Katie go to the library a lot.

Harley says:
Libraries have been an escape for me... from bullies, from bad weather, the cold, the heat, a bad day. Now they are where I spend my spare time, checking out stacks of books. Both books and the internet are valuable resources and its great to have somewhere to use both at the same time!

Sophie says:
Libraries are amazing - you can get just about any book and borrow its story. I would definitely not have been able to read all the books I have without the library - I could afford it for a start. Libraries have introduced me to some of my favourite books and characters who are like friends to me when I've been feeling alone. Libraries are a safe place to go to, to get out, and that can be difficult for me sometimes but libraries have helped me to gain some confidence back. The librarian knows me now and knows the books I like - she orders new ones for me. I'd be lost without the library. Oh... and there's a hot chocolate machine!

Lynsey says:
Libraries mean everything. They're a refuge, an escape, a gateway to other worlds. Libraries are the heart of a community, the soul of a society. A library empowers the individual and opens minds...  knowledge is power, and a library is the seat of knowledge.

Kym says:
I spent a lot of time in libraries when I was younger as we didn't have much money - my pocket money only allowed me to buy one book a month and I went through them like water. Libraries are brilliant!

Ella says:
Libraries are my happy place. I love the silence and calm... you can forget about real life and escape to a fictional place (I especially like escaping to Tanglewood!).

Ashlee says:
Libraries? A wealth of knowledge; an escape from a cruel world; a doorway to a thousand lands; a path to a million lives; a safe place where your mind can be free.

Samantha says:
Libraries are a magical and wondrous SAFE place filled with endless possibilities. A haven where social class and street cred don't matter at all, and the lonely can feel like they're surrounded by friends.

Lorna says:
Libraries are the doors to whole new worlds, an escape, the only place where you can stay in a comfy chair and still travel to a thousand different universes!

Deborah says:
I still love libraries, but a couple of years back I used to go to the library and borrow twelve books at a time, read them all in the space of two weeks and return to get twelve more. My local library built the foundations of my dream to be an author, and without them I wouldn't be close to the person I am today. Libraries are a world where anything is possible!

Stephanie-Jade says:
Libraries are my calm place. When I feel down at college, I go and sit in the library and read. I suffer with anxiety, and it always helps to calm my nerves.

Pam says:
They're a place where anyone can escape and treat themselves to an evening snuggled up with a good book... for free. You can read any genre, any amount... the only restriction is your imagination. I hate that councils are closing libraries as they're an essential part of a community.

Gemma says:
A library is a place of calm in a world of chaos. The books, the quiet, the cosy feel of it makes you feel at home. Libraries mean a lot to me... they are a place to go to read, discover new books, and just have some quiet time. I love libraries.

Cathy says:
Who says kids don't bother with books and libraries anymore? These quotes are just the tip of the iceberg... I have enough to fill another couple of features at least. Thank you for sharing the library love! Do YOU like libraries? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I agree. Libraries are a place of real peace and imaginative thinking. With all their brilliant books and events, libraries are a world on its own,waiting to be discovered by future writers,public speakers,business people,lawyers,daydreamers(if that is a future career), storytellers,actors,historians-the list goes on for eternity.

    PS: Cathy, did you receive my e-mail?

    #sweetreats xxx

  2. I love to go to libraries, I feel that it is one of the best places to go in free time because I can read different types of books (4 free!) So I think it is a great place!

  3. I love libraries. Unfortunately, we don't have one locally, bur whenever I get the chance, I go. It's great to get the book shop experience without the expense and to escape from the outside world and settle down into a book. What would we do without libraries?

  4. The best thing about a library is that its like a silent sanctuary. Everyone around you has so much passion for the same things. It's a place where you feel comforted and can sit there for hours and loose track of time. The best thing about a book is that you become the character. Their memories become yours, their lives become the ones your living. That's the best bit, anyone can escape with a book. All it takes is a good author. That's why I thank you cc your books have kept me entertained endlessly. It's all a girl can hope for.

  5. I love libraries!
    I sit on one of the bean-bags and just read or browse for ideas and I always enter the Summer reading challenge!
    I never want to leave!
    My friends say that I get to engrossed in books and they have too give me a little shake.
    I always cry when books get sad and laugh when books get funny and at the library, nobody thinks I'm weird for doing it!

  6. I looooooooooooooooooove books. I'm a bookaholic if that's even a thing. I have a friend who's a bookworm to. Sometimes I do think I'm a little old fashioned. It took me most of my life to know what You Tube was. Still, being different is cool! Plus, I plan to be a story writer when I'm older so reading really helps me to learn how to explain things better. Plus my Aunties a Liberian so what's not to say I don't get to many books! After all that babble all I'm trying to say is I really like books! R.B:-]

  7. I can't actually express how much I love books without saying all the usual stuff. Basically, books are my whole world. I learnt to read when I was six, and boy, that was the best thing I've ever done in my life. You can slide into books and swim in them. I don't care about how far the moon is from the sun, all I can think about is the next book I can get. And as soon as I read the first few words of Scarlett, I instantly fell in love with Cathy Cassidy's books. Before I read Cherry Crush, I thought The Chocolate Box series was seriously annoying, all people ever talked about. Then I read Cherry Crush and I practically fainted!! Cathy's books arethe best ever, and all in all, even books by other authors are fantastic too! Keep reading, guys. Even school assignments aren't bad! Ok, my cat is begging me for attention now so gotta go!! Xx



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