Friday 12 February 2016


Reader Katie reviews Cathy Cassidy's book SUMMER'S DREAM and offers a suggestion of another book that might appeal to those who have enjoyed it...

Katie says:
Summer Tanberry is the 'cool' sister, with passion and determination. Nothing is going to get in her way as she rockets her dancing career to the stars. Until, that is, eating takes a back seat and Summer loses control and falls into an eating disorder...

SUMMER'S DREAM is the third book in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series. We have already heard about Cherry's past, about Skye's haunting connection to the story of a 1920s flapper girl and of course all the general craziness that goes on at Tanglewood. Summer snags a fair bit of the spotlight in these first books, but SUMMER'S DREAM is the first time we see her fragility. This book is sweet like the truffles Paddy created specially for Summer's thirteenth birthday - you just want to bite into it, eat it all up. The story of Summer trying to be the best she can be and sacrificing her health for the sake of dance really resonated with me. It was very powerful and thought-provoking. It also showcased the amazing bond between the Tanberry sisters, and of course in the background there is a wedding and a film being shot at Tanglewood.

If you have read and liked SUMMER'S DREAM and want to read more about someone struggling with an eating disorder, you could try LOSING IT by New Zealand author Sandy McKay. In this book, Jo, the protagonist is in hospital with anorexia and is learning the ropes, grasping an understanding of the privileges she can attain if she gains weight and sorely missing the normal life she could be living back home. Both are very powerful novels, handling difficult themes. (Cathy's note: LOSING IT is a Young Adult novel, so for older readers; it has won awards in New Zealand.)

The reason I loved SUMMER'S DREAM so much was that Summer was still loved and cherished by her family, even though in her mind she was not perfect and felt hopeless. Everybody should feel loved and cherished, no matter what.

Cathy says:
Once again, I am loving Katie's review and her recommendation of a book to read after SUMMER'S DREAM. I will be tracking it down! What book would YOU recommend to someone who enjoyed SUMMER'S DREAM? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Definitely going to read this! Is there any peek of possibly more The Chocolate Box Girls books?!?!?!

  2. Losing It seems like a great book, will have to look out for it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Will definitely have to read losing. I'm always on the lookout for new books so I'm glad I read this post! Xx❤️

  4. Losing It sounds really interesting, I'll look out for it in the shops! Another great book about eating disorders is Paperweight, by Meg Haston. I'd definitely recommend it! (It's a young adult book)

  5. I'll admit, I didn't really enjoy Summers Dream. It was a bit to drastic. I prefer Cherry Crush. Sorry Summer but it's the ugly truth! But I know one of my friends would love that book! It's sounds soooo up her street! So.. that's about it!!!!R.B:-]

  6. I loved Summer's Dream, so I'm definitely going to read this! At the moment I'm desperate for new reads, so any recommendations are gladly received.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation, I've read all of them in the Chocolate Box Series pretty much! I have read the water fire saga by Jennifer Donelly, all but one that has not come out yet, and that is also young adult! But don't read it if you don't like death, or the occasional blood...I recommend it if you are not easily scared and have a fairly strong stomach, anyone who is looking out for any YA books...Hope I have helped!

  8. I really enjoyed reading Losing It



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