Tuesday 2 February 2016


Skye has been looking at her astrology charts again... will her predictions for February ring true with you?

AQUARIUS: February does not start on a high for you, but by mid month you will be back on track and raring to go! Don't be deceived by a friend trying to cover something up, and follow your heart when faced with a choice just before Valentine's Day!

PISCES: You're on great form this month - friendship, school and future dreams are all shaping up well! Romance is more elusive, but you do have a secret admirer. Watch out for a small blip with money this month... annoying, but nothing you can't handle!

ARIES: February is a month of change for you... make the most of it! Trust your intuition and you won't go far wrong; and excitingly, new projects should go very well. Don't neglect your friends... they don't always speak up, but they're always there for you... make sure it works both ways!

TAURUS: Time to snap out of your comfort zone and take a risk! It could be trying something new, following a dream, making new mates or putting yourself forward for something at school, but if you push past your fears you'll find a whole new world of fun and achievement may open up!

GEMINI: Travel is on the cards this month... it may not be far, but it will be significant! An adventure that could bring new ideas on life, love and friendship is just around the corner... it will help you to achieve your potential. Beware of gossip... don't listen to it and don't spread it!

CANCER: A great month for Cancerians... romance is on the cards, just in time for Valentine's Day, and school/ career looks promising too! This is a good month to try out for something new, audition for a play or start a band/ musical project. What are you waiting for?

LEO: Try not to get too wound up about Valentine's Day - it may not be what you have hoped for, but that doesn't mean romance isn't brewing. Friendship, love and connections are all looking positive, and not just this month but the whole year ahead is looking good!

VIRGO: A friendship has reached breaking point - it can be repaired, but the question is, do you want it to be? Step away from toxic friends but work hard to strengthen the friendships you value. Only you can tell which are which... be brave and trust your instincts.

LIBRA: Worries about what might-have-been, or perhaps a crush that has come to nothing, have been dragging you back. Let go of the negativity and you'll start finding the fun in life again. Adventure and creativity are starred for you this month... don't miss out!

SCORPIO: Sometimes, you come on too strong... with friends, with work, with life! Slow down a little and take a gentler approach... you'll find you reap more rewards that way. You can't force the world to dance to your tune, but you can gently encourage it!

SAGITTARIUS: The last few months have been difficult - in some ways, you've been feeling 'stuck'. That's over now - you're ready to move forward and ideas, projects and connections are all fizzing with potential this February. Nothing can stop you now!

CAPRICORN: Although February starts with some unexpected events, this is a great month for you - luck is on your side, and pretty much everything you're looking for should be possible to achieve... within reason! The icing on the cake is that money is looking good, too!

Cathy says:
Ooh... well, travel is on the cards for me, apparently, and that's spot on because I am on tour! Are Skye's predictions looking good for YOU? COMMENT BELOW and have your say!


  1. I hope this isn't true - I'm SO not up for romance right now! Still, I'm on a proofreading course and planning on learning bass once I've saved up enough money to buy one. So the rest is spookily true.

  2. My baby brother is going to be born tomorrow and he'll be Aquarius, and I'm Scorpio.



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